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08-04-10, 04:00 AM
I am currently on Concerta extended release, I take 2x36 MG pills in the morning. I am hoping you fine people can help me in a situation that I have been becoming increasingly worried about.
Lately I have been experiencing depression, anxiety, increased paranoia, and mood swings. Usually appearing when I am inconsistent about taking my medicine. I am afraid that this will affect my friends and my girlfriend whom I am so happy to be with. Does anyone else have an understanding of what I am going through? I do not know what to do (besides talk to my doc) about this... It is starting to be a real problem.
Just so you have some background on who I am, I am 20 years old, and was diagnosed in 5th grade. So I have been living with ADHD for a long time and know alot about the side effects and other stuff pertaining to ADHD. My question to all you fellow ADD/ADHD diagnosese is what did you do to deal with this? I have considered just toughening it out, discontinuin taking concerta and ADHD meds altogether. (not cold turkey) Please help me if you are able to. :/

08-04-10, 04:20 AM
This page ( says that symptoms of Concerta withdrawal include depression and mood swings.

That was my first thought when you said it happens when you're inconsistent about taking it.

However, this thread ( talks about paranoia. Read the whole thread.

08-04-10, 04:40 AM
I just read through the thread, and I think it helped a bit. I have not experienced dissociation of reality, but I do see the increase in anxiety. Well at least I know where to look for help now. :) Thanks for posting those thread links.