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07-15-04, 08:32 PM
What types of questions would you ask before deciding on a certain therapist? I called today about getting into someone closer to where I live (and who will hopefully be a little more direct and helpful than who I have now) and was told that this particular therapist is an adhd "guru" (that's encouraging lol), does all the evaluations and also does cognitive behavior therapy (which I am interested in due to add and foo issues). Should I go in there and tell him that the last therapist had been bringing up like every other session the add thing, or should I try and let him figure it out himself? I don't go in until 8/16 and I honestly am concerned about getting from now to then as my symptoms really seem to be getting stronger the "safer" I feel (I think many of my symptoms have been suppressed out of necessity in order to get by in my family situation) so it's going to be a touch month or so, so I'm trying to focus on what to ask what to hope for what to expect.

07-16-04, 12:00 AM
Runs from all "gurus" and "masters".It's one thing if your patients/clients and colleagues refer to you positively and something alltogether different if the person is a legend in their own mind.I listen to those people who seem to be seeking the truth or answers and run like hell from those who claim to have the answers.

Ask about their training and experience, how long they've practiced and what their ares of expertise are.Licensed Psychologists post their areas of professional competence in their offices. While you're at it, see if they seem to have a biased opinion about different problems.If the therapist is a psychologist, ask if they test.If your child is hyperactive then you need a therapist with a strong behavior modification background.Thats the only therapy shown to work with hyperactive kids (besides meds). Lastly, please be aware that computerized tests call CPT's ( Contiuous Performance Tests like the TOVA (Test of Visual Accuity) for example), have been shown (via research) to NOT work for diagnosing ADHD.

One more thing. Real/true ADHD is a chemical imbalance and meds do work .Please check out ......Taking Charge of Russell Barkley......and find out why he reccomends you become an "executive parent".

Good luck and keep us posted.