View Full Version : how much Zinc is safe to take?

08-06-10, 12:23 PM
does anyone have any experience in taking Zinc supplementation? I used to take between 25mg and 50mg daily and noticed a bit of improvement.

however, zinc as "zincsulfate monohydrate" disolving tablet from pharmacy get quite costly.

so now I bought "Zincsulfate heptahydrate", which apparently equates approx. 4,5:1 to Zinc, I dissolve it in water.

Now, I have been taking this for two days but upped by dosage to what would equate to over 75mg of Zinc.
---> and I have to say: seems to do quite a bit now.

I should mention I am male, 90kg (6,3ft)


1. Anyone have similar experience with high dosage Zinc?
2. Are there any dangers in taking high dosage Zinc?

Looking forward to replies! :)


08-11-10, 12:30 AM
I like opti-zinc. It has L-gluconate which is a highly bio-available form of zinc. make sure you balance it out with a small dose of copper if you go over 50mg/daily for a long time