View Full Version : Looking back and looking forward?

08-10-10, 08:31 AM
I'm not quite sure if this question belongs here, so sorry if it really doesn't fit.

Anyway, a while ago I was looking up stuff about ADD because my dad wanted me to, and I read that a big problem people with ADD face is that they lack hindsight or foresight, the ability to look back or forward. I constantly make the same mistakes over and over again, and consequently keep getting in trouble for them, because at the time I never think back and realize I've done the same thing before, or think ahead about what the consequences are going to be.

My question is... has anyone figured out a way to beat this? Has anybody come up with a way to use hindsight and foresight more easily?

08-10-10, 08:50 AM
Hi khfan,welcome to the forums. Um,speaking for myself,I a lot of the times I heard that little voice screaming at me..'.NO! DON'T DO THIS! Remember what happened last time!!!!'

Its not being able to control my self...that impulsiveness,that was my downfall. And maybe hoping things would turn out better this time,yeah,right.

08-10-10, 09:44 PM
Hi again! I thought about this all day and realized I forgot to mention that you should look up Dizfriz's posts. You'll find tons of info on stuff like why we can't plan for things.:)