View Full Version : why are some people so angry and afraid?

08-12-10, 01:42 PM
Few issues are so controversial in healthcare as when or if medicine should be used. Quietly choosing not to take medicine is certainly allowed. But some people rail so loudly against anyone taking any CNS related drugs, or in some cases, any drugs whatsoever, for any reason. Why are these people so angry and afraid?

08-12-10, 01:43 PM
Of course I mean legal OTC and medically prescribed medicines taken as directed. Illegal drugs, or those taken not as directed or intended, are a different matter entirely.

08-12-10, 01:44 PM
People are afraid of what they don't understand.

Also, many people are misinformed, or they choose to live a "natural" lifestyle.

Trooper Keith
08-12-10, 02:47 PM

08-12-10, 03:15 PM
Well, I can totally agree with trying to take a holistic approach to handling CNS issues, but the problem is, it doesn't always work! The anger that some people exhibit is, most likely, due to misinformation and fear! Personally, I think that those who abuse drugs such as Adderall etc. are to blame for most of the anger and fear that "protesters" exhibit. The "protesters" see / read about such cases and automatically blame the drug companies. If they would walk a mile in our shoes, or anyone's shoes that have to take CNS meds, I think they would lighten up a bit.
There will always be those who have something to whine, complain, and pass judgments about. I just choose to do what's best for me and ignore those who don't agree.