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08-15-10, 10:58 PM
I was wondering if any of your children

have been diagnosed with early onset bipolar

and Fetal Alcohol Effects (not full blown FA Syndrome).

If so, what meds do your children take that seem to

be effective?

My child was originally diagnosed adhd with odd.

But neuropsych eval is being completed and we'll have results

this next week.

Neuropsycholigist has said she seen symptoms of FAS and early

onset bipolar. She will recommend treatment plan, but pediatrician

has said he won't take recommendations from her for bipolar treatment.

He will need a psychiatrist's recommendation. We are trying very hard to

get in with a psychiatrist.

I know all children react differently to medications; I'm just curious

what meds have helped your kids.

He meets many of the common symptoms for bipolar.

Rages, irritability, oppositional behavior, rapid cycling, distractibility, hyperactivity, impulsivity, restlessness, silliness, giddiness, aggressive, carb cravings, obsessional, compulsive, ld, poor short term memory, manipulative, lying, extremely bossy.

Absolutely no cause and effect ability.

TIA, Rampage

08-17-10, 02:12 AM
How old is your boy? My youngest pretty much fits that description when he's not on his ADHD meds, he's six. I don't know about an LD; but his hyperactivity does interfere with his being able to sit for learning without his meds. He also has a very poor sense of time, also typical of ADHD.

It's a fine line sometimes too. I've also heard on this forum, that if a child has early onset bipolar, that they very likely have ADHD too.

Best of luck with your boy, and welcome to the forums.