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08-18-10, 07:09 PM
I gladly do most of the cooking in our house, and we often have a salad with dinner, now I got a few tips for salads and dressing.

As for salads, I like to prepare them fresh, and keep them simple so they can be made fast:

To clean off the lettuce, I use a 2-quart pitcher and filled it up halfway with plain tap water, the I dip the lettuce in top-side down and slide the lettuce up and down vigorously 10 or so times, this gets out most the dirt, pretty quickly.

Next I pull out the lettuce and dump the water, rinse the pitcher and refill, the add a splash of red wine vinegar and repeat. This cleans the lettuce even more and adds a nice, very subtle flavor.

Shake the water off as muck as possible and your ready. I store the leftovers open on a plate in the fridge, good for one to three days, others it get soggy and goes icky fast.

Now with the onions, keep a small tupperwareish container in the fridge with onion, It stays good for a week or so and I'm always dicing off of it.

With tomatoes, always slice the up so there are no leftovers to worry about. simple as that. Roma tomatoes in my experience are a bit cheaper than other varieties and keep longer if needed, I stick with those whne regular tomatoes are just to expensive.

Sprinkle with S&P, add some shredded cheese and good croutons.

As far as dressings. many have corn syrup added - not good for anyone.
I suggest you stay away from these, there's some famous actor that sells dressing, it's natural and delicious with no corn syrup.

There are many delicious dressing recipes out there, and it's easy and cheap to make....check it out.

As a note, that famous actor used to have creamy Italian which we loved, but for some reason isn't made any more. To make this, just get some regular Italian dressing, add a dash of red-wine vinegar and some mayo until you get the right thickness, easy and delicious.

Now to make these salads into a meal, I have 2 recipes:

Italian roast beef: Dice up and add 3 oz (or so) of deli sliced style of roast beef, Italian style shredded cheese, and a good dash of oregano. topped with Italian regular or creamy style.

Ham and Cheese: Same idea with plain smoked ham ham and cheddar cheese, topped with honey-mustard dressing.