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08-20-10, 11:03 PM
Does anyone else have any experience with 3d animation?

I'm starting to learn Blender. I've made two short (and rather pointless) animations thus far and I thought I would share my progress with the world!


03-30-11, 08:57 AM
hey, they're cool :) have you done more since then?

- I haven't looked at Blender in about a year or so, but I am very much interested still.
It's an amazing tool, isn't it? Sort of a swiss army knife with which you can create complete animation movies, but also still 3D images. Some even use it as DTP program, or video editor.

07-07-11, 03:35 PM
I picked up Blender again in the previous weeks ...

This is a model of a very silly idea that my friend and I had about an alarm clock shaped like a rooster:

Snoozehaen (

In Dutch, "Snoozehaen" is a play on words on english (but we also use it) "to snooze" and "haan" meaning "rooster" - and "snoeshaan" is hard to translate, but means something like "strange guy", "clown", "eccentric" or "vagarious".

These are a couple of "studies" to create a clunking big metal old fashioned selector switch ... I was going to use that in a music video spoof (inspired by rolling on the floor laughing about this video:
"My Lovely Horse" (

from Father Ted .. but I still have to finish the lyrics :)
The part of the lyrics where this clip is meant for are "You're so selectable".

Selector Switch 1 (

Selector Switch 2 (

Selector Switch 3 (