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08-22-10, 07:53 AM
My 8-year-old son started the Daytrana patch yesterday, 10 mg. We kept it on for nine hours like our doctor instructed, it came off at about 6:45 yesterday evening. I knew it might make it hard for him to sleep, but he shouldn't be up all night long, right? It's now 6:50 in the morning, and I don't think he's slept at all. We'd previously tried Focalin XR, and it made him high as a kite, but wore off by the end of the day. This? Hasn't worn off yet. He's still going strong. I don't think we'll be using the Daytrana today, and I'll be talking to his doctor who prescribed the meds and his psychologist who evaluated him as ADHD. I know stimulants keep you up, but if they're supposed to have a more calming effect on ADHD kids, it doesn't seem like one would keep him up all.night.long. Gah. He starts school tomorrow. He NEEDS to get some sleep tonight.

08-22-10, 03:36 PM
It could be possible that methylphenidate medications just arent the thing for him, theres plenty of other stuff to try. The dose could have also been too high.

It sounded like your kinda questioning his diagnosis. While being informed is never a bad thing, dont be too forceful or insist that he's not adhd. Meds didnt work great on me when I was younger, in fact, concerta caused me to punch me teacher and then run away and hide in the bathroom in second grade. Now, Im 15, and I cant imagine life without meds. My point is, if meds dont work good on your son now, dont eliminate them as a possibility a few years down the road.

If he's having trouble sleeping, you might want to try melatonin. Its a naturally occuring hormone that regulates sleep cycles, and it can be taken in pill form without a prescription.

And I have an off topic question about daytrana that I hope you could answer. Shire recently gave up on daytrana, but the manufacturer, noven, is going to take over. Is it still fully available? Will it continue to be in the future? Just thought you might have some idea.

Im considering asking my doctor about it since it can be left on for up to 15 hours (not fda approved for this long though) which would make it the only thing that can last my entire day with no need for re-dosing.

08-22-10, 04:03 PM
Alex, thank you for your thoughts. I'm not insisting that he's not ADHD. I'm just questioning whether we're sure that's it, or that's all, given that so far both classes of stimulants have had a less than stellar effect on him, with the methlyphenidates (Focalin and now Daytrana) making him just high and the amphetamines (at least Vyvanse) making him withdrawn and very, very anxious after a couple of months. I know something is going on with him - his brain doesn't work like those of his peers, that's a fact. I just want to make sure we're addressing either the right thing, or all the things that are going on, as the case may be, and I'm not anti-meds. It's like if he had asthma or a heart condition or diabetes - if meds are what is needed to help him survive and thrive, then that's what we do.

As for the dose, we started at 10 mg. Is that a low dose or a high dose for this particular medication?

We do use melatonin. Last night it didn't do a thing.

That being said, too, I know different meds in the same class may have different effects - where the Focalin just had my son flying for a day, Daytrana had him going for over 30 hours. Is it reasonable to think that different amphetamines will have enough of a different effect that they would help my son without giving him that nervous, anxious, withdrawn feeling, or are they just going to be variations on a theme?

08-22-10, 04:35 PM
Ive been on ritalin, focalin, and adderall in the past (Im now on vyvanse) and their effects are all noticeably different to me. Although your son didnt do to well on vyvanse, it is possible that adderall would work better for him. After being digested, the body converts vyvanse into d-amphetamine. Adderall contains both d-amphetamine and l-amphetamine. Its definitely possible that your son would respond better to this combination of amphetamines, but the only way to tell would be to try it.

I cant guarantee adderall will be better than vyvanse, but since it has 2 amphetamines, its possible that it will have less side effects like anxiety.

Since Ive never used daytrana, I cant say whether 10mg is a high dose or not. But keep in mind, 20mg is a fairly common dose for instant release ritalin, so daytrana 10mg is half that amount of medicine, released over a longer period of time. Ritalin and daytrana both are methylphenidate, so this is a reasonable comparison.

Im also confused about the availability of daytrana since shire has given up on it, but you got it fairly recently, so if you know anything about that, I'm curious.

08-22-10, 11:40 PM
My husband was the one at the appointment where Daytrana was prescribed, and neither of us knew about Shire giving up on it, so I can't speak to how easily it might be available. And we'll try other things. I just hope we can either find something that works, or figure out if there's something else going on that the medication can't/won't address.

08-23-10, 10:00 AM
Good luck, I hope you find something that works.

08-23-10, 10:40 AM
Thanks, Alex. :)

I talked to our doc this morning and told her about the fail that was Daytrana. She said we needed to see a psychiatrist now, because we've exhausted what she feels comfortable doing. She said that something not designed for ADHD might help him, and we talked about some possibilities there, as well as the possibility that he may have some issue along with the ADHD. She gave me three names to call, and said she'd send her own kids to any of them - one is good, one is very good, and one is the best of the best and knows it (he also takes no insurance at all and charges $400 a visit, so I'm thinking that's right out). I'll call and see who we can see and when, and we'll go from there.

I was also talking to the director at our daycare, and she's known my son since he was young. She's ADHD, and she said the different meds messed her up in a variety of ways, but now she takes Adderall and Lamictal, which she said is actually for bipolar. She said the combination keeps her on an even keel, and she gets the benefits of the Adderall without the anger problems it used to cause. So, we may end up combining two meds or something. But we'll be going for another appointment somewhere else and keep on pluggin'.