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08-23-10, 03:52 PM
After inspiration from committee member No.2 and the engine room,

Do i not bleed when cut,
Do i not.

Do you not know what do i,
Has got.

Do we not see that maybe,
He forgot.

Do they do not understand always using,
The upper hand.

Do all want to know,all ? being force fed,
Yellow snow.

Do most need to feel free,being trapped,
In the first degree.

Do i see what is happening to me,all my senses,
are reason to me.

Do i not give a sh i for swallowing of my own pit.

Doi,doi don't,don't matter to most,living in the world like the holly ghost,thank you jesus mary and joseph till the host's boasts to toast the power and the glory from coast to coast.