View Full Version : Just some paintings..

08-23-10, 10:52 PM
So im an art nerd, but arent many of us? ;)

Havent painted..since getting on adderall =x ok jk - really i havent painted since last year. Just have been too busy with crap. But.. yeah... this was last year..

.. and i do enjoy photoshopping people... its something i do in my past time. i did some of these for work last year as a Halloween thingy. poeple at work loved them! heheh

this one is of me...

(my boss - and she loved it heheh)

and a supervisor.. she enjoyed it a little too much

08-24-10, 04:08 PM
I like the second one the best. Very nice! Keep up the good work.

10-02-10, 12:10 AM

Like these two. I like the off set composition of the first one and the gnarled terror in the second. I think you could sell both of those.