View Full Version : A poem from one unable to sit for many years, so dont expect much...

08-30-10, 03:52 PM
I am talented, but never here, my mind is sharp, but everywhere,
I wonder who I am, but find nothing at all, the longer I seek, the harder I fall.
Peace? Is that a lie? Something that Ill find the day I die?
Am I happy? Am I sad? Am I sane, or am I mad?

You see, everything runs in my mind, where others life can see, to it I am blind. Everything jumps and runs and kicks, my own head playing stupid tricks.

I long for closure, but push it away, the dark side of my curse is a place only I want to stay.

held your hands and now I regret? I push you away because I love you, don't you forget.

One day I love I smile and rush, the other my recently gained friends I angrily push, flee, run away, my pill fades, I cannot control the next words I will say.

my biggest weakness? I must confess, my place a dirty, and clotting mess

"Why don't you just clean up dammit, other people say, my mind says, later just not today"

Is it me creating all this chaos? Or am I the only one to see? Who I am? You may ask others, but don't ask me.

My heart is a shadow, but I live in the light, I want peace, but my body longs for the fight.

Positive? Yes I am, but sadness is what I long for today, because these tears are stuck inside, and tomorrow Ritalin has faded away.

PS: Im usually not like this, im a happy guy that keeps on fighting.. after all my body doesn't seem to want to rest, anyway, this is how I feel today, and I am happy, because I can think slowly enough to actually feel something... Ritalin, I still am in a total confusion on what dose you require, but ill keep trying... keep trying...