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08-31-10, 10:09 PM
I am a 26 year old male and I have been on Vyvanse for about 6 months now. When I first started the Vyvanse I felt like a brand new person. I could focus, I felt energized and motivated to take on whatever I needed to accomplish.

As I built up a tolerance to the medication, my doctor gradually raised my dosage past the 70mg all the way up to 100mg. Everytime that I started a new dosage I felt like it was helping a little bit more, but over the last month it has just felt as if it was just not doing anything for me. I have had some of the worst days that I have ever had just in the last several weeks but while being on the medication.

I've researched this forum and tried all of the tips that everyone has shared such as limiting Vitamin C intake, eating a high protein diet and taking Tums. Some or all of those things made a little bit of a difference overall, but I still was not making much progress. I even tried stopping the medication on weekends and continuing on Monday through Friday, but that did not seem to help either.

In addition to all of that, because my insurance is so horrible, I have to pay over $100 for the medication even with the discount card. On top of not being able to afford spending that much money on the medication each month, that is too much money to be spending on something that is simply not working for me.

I went to see my doctor today and with research in hand discussed what my more economical options might be for treatment. He told me that Vyvanse may not be right for everyone just as other medications may not be right for everyone. I guess I was surprised because I have just had this perception that Vyvanse was this miracle ADHD drug that was the best because everyone spoke so highly of it. I mean why else would it cost so much money? It has to be the best!(I'm being completely facetious).

So the doctor sent me away with a prescription for Dexedrine. I am supposed to go back and see him in a month to evaluate my progress. The dosage is (2) 15mg pills in the morning for a total of 30mg a day. I almost hugged the pharmacist when he told me how much I owed for the copay because I have been so used to making spending a small fortune everytime that I set foot in a pharmacy.

So I guess some questions that I have that I was hoping that other people might be able to give me some insight to would be:

-has anyone else made a switch like this from Vyvanse to Dexedrine?
-Does anyone have any tips when taking this medication that may increase its benefits?
-Are there, if any, major differences between the two medications or will they have similar effects?

I am going to start taking the Dexedrine tomorrow morning and I am really optimistic, hoping that it can be the start of a new day, one of many where I can get a handle on this condition. It has really had many negative effects on different aspects of my life and I just really want to get it under control.

Any help of insights that anyone could give me would be greatly appreciated.


09-02-10, 06:31 AM
Vyvanse is extended release dexedrine with a lysine molecule attached to it causing the medicine to by pass the liver before the actual dextroamphetamine is release.

The dexedrine tablets are better in my opinion because....well speaking for can eat,sleep,think, and do just about anything you want.....WHEN YOU WANT TO...

I never liked vyvanse to be honest. Did nothing for me. The dex tablets do so much more...

I alternate between dexedrine and Adderall's a good combination.

09-02-10, 07:48 AM
Thanks for the response. Yesterday was my first day taking Dexedrine. I actually have the generic version which is D-AMPHETAMINE ER 15 MG. I took my first pill at about 6am when I got up and within the first half hour of taking it I could already feel it kicking in. I decided not to take my second one until about 9 o'clock because of what I have read about it supposedly not lasting quite as long.

I was very impressed with the Dexedrine compared to the Vyvanse that I was taking. I was able to stay on task so much more yesterday and I didn't have this horrible crash around dinner time. In fact, after I ate dinner I felt this spike in energy that was probably higher than any other point in the day. When I was on Vyvanse I would get home from work and either feel like a zombie or feel like I had the flu because my body was so tired.

Today will be day two for me so we will see how it goes today, but after yesterday I am very optimistic. So far Dexedrine wins the prize in my book. I will never go back to Vyvanse.