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09-02-10, 02:46 PM
In the third grade, is when I was first diagnosed and they started giving me my Ritalin. And when I graduated high school, and they did their testing, they had told me that I had a fourth-grade education. So for my expense the little pill didn't do much in regards to my education. I can see that there are other components that perhaps might have helped, but the bottom line didn't change.

In the past year, since I got my computer I am just astounded about the change in my ability to learn, now that I have the technology that is able to give me information, and several different mediums.

And as a result of that my ability now to learn, and the speed in which I am able to process and learn the information has been absolutely remarkable! And it's fun! without going into details of what I've learned and how fast I have the bottom line, is now I have to moderate it because I can become obsessed and spend 16 hours a day doing it, and it started to become a problem and has resulted in some pretty uncomfortable situations in my life.

But the point is, in regards to the classical education that the schools offer, and as I've studied the difference between testing of grade 8, 100 years ago and to give the same test to an Ivy League graduate that I used to live with she could not even do it.

I have done a lot of studying about the abilities to learn, and the techniques using the four senses that are incorporated in the process. And for myself I've come to the conclusion that the technology available today can incorporate all of that together, because I believe each individual learns and processes the information given uniquely to themselves. That's a subject matter that can be dressed on its own on individual basis given the person.

As for people with ADD, or ADHD whatever? From my own experiences and reflections. I believe we've barely tapped the benefits of modern technology in the sense of education, but the education system in the subject matter that's not appropriate for this forum.

09-02-10, 02:57 PM
I agree. I wouldn't trade in my ANDROID phone for a university. It really appeals to my need for constant stimulation.