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09-02-10, 05:37 PM

I was wondering if any forum members out there have given this a try yet( and would be willing to share their thoughts on how effectively it controlled your ADD symptoms and the length of coverage you got throughout the day from your dose.

I was one of those prescribed the original Shire made Adderall IR from 2004 up until they stopped manufacturing it last spring. I suffered through a month of hell with the new “dp” marked Teva “Adderall” then tried Vyvanse, Barr Dex Spanules, Barr Dex IR, and both Corepharma and Teva Adderall, both of who’s side effects far outweigh their therapeutic benefit. I have been taking Sandoz Adderall for the past eight months or so, being it is very similar to the former Shire manufactured Adderall, but I am still not satisfied with the length of coverage it provides compared to Shire's former product.

I have no insurance so Desoxyn wasn’t even an option until this generic was released a few months ago. My Dr. is pro-Vyvanse like no other and she has tried to get me to switch over ever since it came to market, even though Shire was making more than enough profit from me when I was paying almost $200 a month for their Adderall IR because every generic that I tried gave me horrible side effects and/or inconsistent results. I have tried Vyvanse twice, once when it first was released and once again last year and all I can say is their claims of 14-hour coverage are a joke. I am so fed up with this situation that was thrust upon my life by Shire last year, I am thinking about bringing up the Mylan methamphetamine hydrochloride as an option at my appointment Wednesday and was just wondering if it was worth even bothering.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and thanks in advance for any help, experiences or opinions you may have to offer,


09-04-10, 02:37 PM
It seems very inconsistent, sometimes it is very strong and sometimes the opposite. I am trying the brand name for the next two weeks, I will post and update for you. As of right now it seems like every other generic, crap.

09-22-10, 11:27 PM
I just changed to desoxyn (4x5mg) about a week ago and picked up this Mylan brand. I was skeptical about it after trying a couple of their other malfunctioning generics, and I definitely still hold that skepticism. After trying it out for a week with different intervals between doses and different food on the stomach or empty stomach, I haven't found anything that works. Like com3origin4l said, it seems to be too weak or too strong. There have been some bad side effects with terrible headaches and peripheral stimulation that I never got on any of the amp-derivatives; and I've tried all of them. Despite these side-effects, my thinking seems to be clearer and I guess there's less social anxiety than with amps. At any rate the side-effects have been pretty bad and inconsistent, and I don't even want to try anymore at this point. This is completely contrary to what I've read all over the internet though which leads me to believe that these side-effects are probably associated with Mylan's manufacture process and not the drug.

Has anybody else tried Mylan vs. brand name? I really want to give Desoxyn another try and will definitely be getting brand name next month as long as it isn't upwards of $500.

10-12-10, 02:16 PM
BinBVille who is your doctor. I have been on vyvanse for a year now and it has worked wonders. I feel like it and adderall re pretty much the same though. I'd really like to get your doctor name as I am new in town and need to get my prescription filled.

10-14-10, 07:48 PM
Generic was a complete failure when I used it.

10-15-10, 08:24 PM
I feel this information would be more helpful for those who have had experience with inconsistent medications.

Buy some empty capsules.
Take your month's supply and crush it all up. Mix it well.
Separate them into daily piles and move them into the pills. It helped with my CorePharma Adderalls.

05-31-11, 09:40 AM
It seems very inconsistent, sometimes it is very strong and sometimes the opposite. I am trying the brand name for the next two weeks, I will post and update for you. As of right now it seems like every other generic, crap.
hey i live in the NJ area too like 15min away from morristown. if you wouldn't mind emailing me i jsut had a couple q's regarding the medication you are taking.

05-13-16, 01:42 AM
The Mylan Amphetamine salts are f'n horrible and a waste of time. I should have known or been able to tell when I saw how brittle and cheap the wafer appears.

I couldn't figure out why my allergies were so bad and I finally realized every time I take a dose, boom itchy watery eyes, sniffles, congestion and runny nose hits me instantly. Absolutely insane.

Just realized it. Save your self the wasted time. I got the focus back but its hard to use it when I am itching my eyes and have the sniffles. I am thinking there is something in the mixture I am allergic too. The Teva was just fine.

My nose is dripping as I am writing this.


12-10-16, 10:48 AM
Mylan was the only Desoxyn generic that I've tried. While I still found it more effective for symptom control over other ADD meds, I did notice inconsistencies while I was taking it.

I'm going to be trying a generic made by "Mayne", so hopefully this goes a lot better.