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Princess Moon
09-04-10, 12:04 AM
I have deficits in visual perception and visual memory. I don't notice visual details. I have a poor visual memory and have difficulty picturing things in my head. I have difficulty recognizing faces and remembering the details of faces, so everyone who is tall and has dark hair looks exactly the same to me. I get lost all the time and wander around the same area over and over because of my poor visual memory. My visual processing is very bad and I don't notice small changes and am inattentive to visual details. It sucks because no one understands it's a sensory thing and they think it's a vision thing, it's so annoying.

09-04-10, 12:12 AM
I have similar issues. One of the reasons I love the city is that I don't get lost because it's all in a grid, and I can think out where I am verbally with minimal visualization...if i don't know where I am...I walk half a block until I see the next street sign, then I know if I'm going up down, east or west, and can determine every direction based on that.

The faces thing is awful...I have to really look at people to figure out if I know them...which is awfully awkward, so I tend to just avoid looking at people. Even so, now and then I'll see someone think I know them and start to say something before realizing I don't, or look right at someone I know, not be sure it's them, turn and walk past without saying anything.

12-16-10, 01:14 PM
I have the same problems. I get lost like crazy in new buildings...particularly doctor's offices and hospitals. I ended up in sterile processing one time in a hospital trying to find the damn ICU. I didn't even know I was in the basement. :-/

I cannot remember faces or automobiles. Ever. I hope I'm never someone's sole eye witness to a crime, because they're screwed. My husband messes with me on this, too. One time, I was staring at a car in a parking lot for like 5 minutes straight. He calls to me, and tells me to look right at him and tell him what the model of the car was that I was looking at. I just gave him a "duh" look, obviously. lol Then, he goes, "Well, let's try just the brand on it." I guessed it was a Ford, which was wrong. It was a damn Chevrolet. I did remember that it was red, but that was about it. That is pretty sad. :-(

I have a great appreciation for artwork, too...and I can copy a piece of art, reasonably well. However, I can't draw of my own will or from looking at a 3D object. I'll end up drawing a stick figure. I can't decorate or organize my home, either. My walls are all barren. If any room looks nice, it is either pure accident or I just copied something 100% out of a magazine.

I attribute this to a whole v. parts kind of phenomenon in ADDers. We see the whole, but lack the attention for the parts within the whole. To do each of those tasks above, you have to have skills in visualizing (in the mind) the whole and the parts therein...not just the whole. This may be a coping thing. We are possibly adapting to a limited working memory by simplifying identification of things in our environments. We store labels for the things we see rather than details, which takes up less "space."

That is just my "hypothesis," though. I don't have any research to back that up, at all. lol

12-16-10, 01:36 PM
It's really interesting how different minds work. I have poor visual memory too but I do notice when things are missing and I'm really good with patterns. BUT I can't often say what's missing, I just know it doesn't look right.

I have dyspraxia and ADHD and dyspraxia is characterised by poor visual memory but sometimes I wonder in my case, if my poor visual memory is due to ADHD inattention because I remember people and faces, names not so much but I remember faces and patterns. I think I've a good aesthetic sense too.

Another characteristic symptom of dyspraxia is getting lost easily but I don't get lost easily to the point, when I was about 7, I purposely decided to get lost because I thought I would have an interesting adventure like in books and disappeared with my 3 year old sister for 4 hours! Luckily, a neighbour spotted us on the other side of town and dragged us back.
My body seems to remember where I am and takes me back where I need to.

But sometimes if I'm stressed, it's like my system breaks down, I go into a panic attack and don't know where I am and don't know whether to go left or right. Then there's the sense I get when familiar places suddenly seem unfamiliar, the opposite of deja vu.