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09-05-10, 06:44 AM
I just can't follow a pattern.
I might see something I like, start crocheting....
And then the creativity takes over and I just can't stop it :)

Anyhow, crocheting calms me, and it seems I have to do some every day to keep the stress away.

This is my latest hangup, the pattern is all self made.

09-05-10, 10:53 AM
That's so pretty!

I just started crocheting to keep my hands busy (instead of eating). I can only do a straight line though, I haven't figured out how to go to the next level. I'd love to do a simple scarf, I bought the yarn and hook per instructions...I just don't understand the instructions.

09-05-10, 11:23 AM
WOW that is beautiful! I crochet, but IDK if I have the patients to do something as amazing as that! Great Job!

(BTW - I can't follow a crochet pattern to save my life - totally get where your coming from on that one. IDK why, I can follow a knit pattern, just not a crocheted one)

09-05-10, 12:10 PM
I can't follow knit patterns either. Allthough I really only know knit and purl, I tend to do my own thing anyway.

There are numerous times I've "invented" a new crochet stitch, only to find that it's not at all new.