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09-05-10, 06:40 PM
After (finally) being diagnosed with ADHD-PI we are now going over medications, all of which have sub-forums on this site.

Dexedrine, Adderall, Desoxyn have been discussed; I know this forum probably gets a lot of newbies (noobs) asking the same questions over and over again but how is this particular medication (Desoxyn) any different than crystal meth?

I want to get this mental illness under control but methamphetamine hydrochloride is, well, scary. However, my cognitive process is so horrible/foggy I am open to trying whatever I can if it'll help me. But any information to people who's been on this medication would be appreciated.

09-05-10, 09:13 PM
I dont have any personal experience with desoxyn, but ill try to help.

First, I highly doubt that any doctor will prescribe desoxyn to someone who has just been diagnosed, simply because of the stigma surrounding "meth". From my understanding, desoxyn is never used as the first treatment option for adhd, and its not widely prescribed in general.

Desoxyn is pretty much the same thing as crystal meth because they are both methamphetamine. The difference is that desoxyn is "pure", while crystal meth dealers cut their stuff with other chemicals to increase their profits. Taking a 5mg desoxyn pill is a whole different story from injecting, snorting, or smoking a whole gram street meth that is cut with all sorts of weird stuff.

If the idea of taking methamphetamine scares you, then you dont have a ton to worry about. You probably wouldnt be prescribed it even if you wanted to, and its not a "mainstream" treatment. Im sure you and your doctor would both be more comfortable if you started out by trying adderall or ritalin or something like that.

09-05-10, 09:26 PM
Desoxyn is supposedly the Holy Grail of stimulant medication that can be prescribed legally by a licensed physician.

Yes, there is a difference between Desoxyn and Crystal Meth. Desoxyn is a white tablet that comes in only one dosage, which is 5mg and has OV imprinted on one side and the number 12 on the other side. In the past there use to be other dosages and even an extended release dosage, but times have changed.

Crystal Meth comes in several different forms/colors and this is because of all the extra additives that go into making it i.e. paint thinner, fertilizer, and ether just to name a few, and the type of process that is chosen to make the Meth.

Desoxyn is made by Ovation Pharmaceuticals, which was bought out by Lunbeck Pharmaceuticals last year. There are 100 5mg tablets in a single bottle and typically the starting dosage is 5mg and is increased weekly until symptoms have diminished, which is usually around 20-25mg per day.

Desoxyn contains only the d-isomer. Crystal meth typically contains both the d-isomer and l-isomer. So, with that being said Desoxyn, a.k.a. Dextromethamphetamine is basically Dexedrine with the addition of the methyl group causing it to be more potent with longer duration of effects and very minimal PNS stimulation i.e. blood pressure, heart rate, body temp etc.

09-06-10, 11:15 AM
Hmm didnt know that desoxyn was only the d-isomer.

Other than that and the fact that it isnt cut with anything, desoxyn is pretty similar to crystal meth, but dont associate it with crystal meth because the quality, dosing amounts, and the fact that its only the d-isomer supposedly make it safe and very effective therapeutically.

I think ive read somewhere thats theres concerns about its neuro-toxicity, but I dont know the specifics behind it.

09-06-10, 11:51 AM
Yes, it only contains the d isomer and not the l isomer. It is more neurotoxic than other stimulants but I can't remember where I read about it. Desoxyn and Dexedrine are equipotent with Dexedrine being less neurotoxic and Desoxyn being approximately 1.25 times stronger.

--->Alex9<--- thank you for the correction about desoxyn and crystal meth. I did more research and found they are both the same.