View Full Version : Has anyone used caffeine in adjucntion with stimulants

09-07-10, 09:25 AM
I took my 20mg Adderall XR dosage around 10am yesterday and around 2pm I took my 15mg Dexedrine booster.

I didn't feel right though. I felt a void between my mind and my body as if they needed to be reconnected. So, I drank a 3/4 of a medium sized regular coffee from starbucks.

About an hour later I felt a huge sense of well-being and considered the effect was caused by the caffeine.

Has anyone experienced this?
Are there any articles about using caffeine with stimulants for a positive effect?

09-07-10, 10:57 AM
I drink Diet Pepsi throughout the day. Carefull though, cuz if I drink too much caffiene, I get the jitters and don't sleep. AT ALL. It's HORRIBLE!!

09-07-10, 10:58 AM
I take 20mgs. of Adderall XR twice daily and have always drank my regular pot or pot and a half of coffee a day with it and never noticed anything special about the added coffee.

09-07-10, 11:05 AM
I have a sneaking suspition that it's probably not a good idea, but I use those energy "shots" not the drinks too much anymore, as I can't find the good ones at the 99cent store these days, but they do carry the shots....a couple of those and it does spike my energy enough so that I can sometimes get past the inertia of getting going that my dex doesn't seem to do ..

and it turns out that the shots are better too, about the same amount of vitamins and caffeine and taurine and guarana that the drinks do, but it takes me several hours to drink the large ones, and so the effects of the caffeine are much slower, the shots deliver it fast, and whoosh I am getting started...

my inertia is so pronounced that I don't really care about whethter or not it's a good idea, I have to get past that ......and I'll do just about anything ( legal) to get going.....

...back when I had a headache everyday ( age 19 to 39) I felt the same way about getting rid of my daily headache.....I would take anything, try anything to make them go away......and now I have that ringing in my ears because of all the aspirin I took during those years......unfortuneatly, it was marginal in banishing the headaches .....

...oh and I just outgrew them, they stopped when I was 39, and nowdays, if I get a headache, I just pop a couple of Excedrine, ( or rather, the generic kind) and in 10/15 minutes.....not more headache !....what a miracle !

09-17-10, 02:47 AM
I find caffeine past a certain point just reminds me what a terrible stimulant it can be. It seems to have all the side effects I specifically chose Dexedrine for so I could avoid them. Feeling antsy, sweating more, ****ing often, gurgling eager bowels (sure you wanted to hear that thrown in there), etc. Still though a tasty coffee is somethings a little hard to resist, just don't overdo it. Caffeine addictions can be a nasty thing! People underestimate the power of such a socially acceptable drug.

Too much caffeine and I find I just have a mind that's racing in a completely unfocused manner to the point of being counterproductive.