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Princess Moon
09-08-10, 07:08 PM
I finally went to a neuropsych and got my results back after seven hours of testing. I had been diagnosed as ADD at a young age and a year ago I had self-diagnosed myself with NLD or Nonverbal Learning Disorder, a condition where you have deficits in visual perceptual processing and fine motor skills. My assessment came back. The neuropsych said my primary condition was ADD or ADHD. I also have a visual perceptual processing disorder and a math disorder. The funny thing is, the neuropsych did not use the words NLD while we were tlaking, but in the report, it described me as having Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Primarily Inattentive and a non-verbal learning disability and a math disorder. My visual-spatial deficits or visual perceptual deficits are secondary to my ADHD, so my ADD or ADHD is the condition that affects me most and has the greatest impact, and then the visual processing and visual perceptual disorder is secondary. The neuropsych said I was lucky because I was very pretty and lucky I had that advantage. Hee. I had excellent abstract reasoning, which is rare for NLD. My deficits are in visual perception, fine motor skills, visual-spatial skills, attention, organization, visual processing.

I feel really emotional after having this report done, but I finally got my results back. I still feel like crying seeing it written down and it upsets me and I'm really emotional about it. When I self diagnosed it it was easier because I felt like I had the power, but when it's confirmed in writing, it's a lot more difficult. I really ahve the visual perceptual part of NLD and fine motor skill deficits. I show a lot of empathy and am very compassionate. The ADHD is still noted as my primary condition. So, the results are in and I'm all anxious, reading the results just made me anxious, like I should have said something different and stuff. I'm emotional and panicky.

09-08-10, 08:21 PM
Sounds like your results were pretty similar to mine..though I had a memory test too, which revealed dramatic visual memory deficits, and neither the ADHD nor the 'LD-NOS' was given 'top billing' so to speak.

It can be awfully discouraging, particularly if the 'recommendations' section is less than encouraging, but try and remember that while it may provide some insight into why you struggle with certain things, it doesn't change're still the same person, and having these numbers written down doesn't place any more limitations on you than were there already, and may give you better tools for overcoming them.

09-08-10, 09:56 PM
Is it rare for NLD? I have a similar diagnosis, dyspraxia and I also have excellent abstract reasoning.
Sorry, I do pop up on many of your posts about NLD. But I'm still trying to figure out whether NLD is what is called dyspraxia in the UK or whether it's different or not. I thought they were the same thing, then maybe they weren't now I don't know any more. :confused:
Concrete and abstract reasoning skills were a strength for me.

And this is what it says
" Miss __'s history of difficulties with coordination; cognitive profile with weaknesses in working memory and processing speed: strengths in literacy skills; and current difficulties with organisation, concentration, distractibility and handwriting are consistent with identification of Dyspraxia which is a specific learning difficulty/difference (SpLD).

It was depressing reading my report, one because having all your weaknesses laid out in black and white is not the most soul strengthening thing. And two because I was relieved that I wasn't stupid after all, it's a worry I've had for the past 15 years and it was a relief to finally say I'm not and three, I was thinking why did I have to go so long before I found this out? And a little bit of regret and it was so overwhelming because I thought omg there's so much wrong with me, how am I going to fix this?

It takes some time to digest this information and accept it. Now I know why I have some of the problems I have and figure out ways to go around them.

I had excellent abstract reasoning, which is rare for NLD. My deficits are in visual perception, fine motor skills, visual-spatial skills, attention, organization, visual processing.

09-08-10, 10:34 PM
I thought I had made big progress as an adult,I was having trouble at work and I was cleaning up the house and found my report cards from school.I read them and flipped an threw the bag against the wall and all the report cards went all over the place.Not a damn thing has changed and I started crying because I saw it written by other adults.This was about 8 years ago tho.I also suffer crs:D