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07-22-04, 06:48 AM
for the last couple of days i've been searching the 'net for an add coach. unfortunately i discovered that there are no add coaches in sweden (yet), and so i'm looking into other ways of add coaching...

is there a add coaching book?
what i'm picturing (did i mention i'm a great dreamer and visionary?!;-) is something like this:

a book with self-rate tests on 1) "attentional difficulty" 2) "organization & task completion" 3) "impulsivity" 4) "stress tolerance" 5) "time management" 6) "transitions" 7) "perfectionism" 8) "hyperactivity"
(did i mention i'm a sucker for self-rate tests?!;-)

(i copied items 1-8 off "add challenges inventory" that i found somewhere on the 'net, but i'm unable to find my way back to that website now...:()

pie charts
ideas and suggestions on how to overcome/get better than my current state of "worst" at items 1-8
i've been talking to one of the members of the board of "attention" (swedish organization for people with any kind of neuropsychiatric disorder/condition), and we'd really like to bring add coaching to sweden, but *how*???
ideas, please!

07-22-04, 08:50 AM
The ADD Audio Coach

The ADD Audio Coach program is a wonderful AD/HD resource. It is an excellent alternative for those with AD/HD who are not quite ready to work with a live AD/HD coach.

The ADD Audio Coach program offers some great tips and strategies for some of the most common AD/HD related problems. Both the CDs and the workbook are broken down into small sections which makes the program very "ADD Friendly".

In addition to being a great resource for people with AD/HD, The ADD Audio Coach program could be a great tool for AD/HD Coaches to use with their clients.

07-22-04, 05:27 PM
thanks tara!
i'll *definitely* get me a copy of that program as soon as i can afford it!!!