View Full Version : ADHD Awareness Expo

09-10-10, 12:39 PM
Should be very interesting, and its free to attend!

09-10-10, 12:58 PM
This is excellent.

09-10-10, 01:28 PM
I know! I'm super excited about it too! I'm definitely going to be online as much as possible next week to see everything. I think there will be some good stuff :)

09-11-10, 02:40 AM
I am always online for work and for fun. :p <-- I don't know what that means, but I sure wanted to use it. I just I don't look like this one for doing it. :eek:

No matter what; and ADHD event has to be exciting, the attendees would make it that way. :cool:

09-13-10, 01:34 AM
Some good information available. I will be watching this through the week.

Thanks for the link!