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09-11-10, 12:48 PM
Hello to all on the site. If I am posting this thread in the incorrect area, I do apologize and would ask the moderators to move me where them deem necessary. I have been diagnosed with ADHD for 16 years now. I am now 30. I am also married to an amazing woman who unfortunately Has ADHD. I have been prescribed Adderall for the past 10 years. I have tried all other ADHD medications,but Adderall is what works the best even with the newer generic brands and there side effects. I can deal with that. What I can't deal without is going without my medication. I take 90mg a day. My problem is my current doctor and I had a falling out and he has since dropped me as a patient. We live in Gainesville Fl. and It is very difficult to find a doctor that will prescribe a stimulant because of all the students here who lie to try and get a prescription for Adderall. It is a huge inconvenience to those here in Gainesville who really do have ADHD. I have 16 years of records but have been turned away from 3 dr offices that have a no stimulant prescribing rule. Now I'm not asking for Dr's names, I'm pretty sure the rules of the forums forbid that. Thats why I chose this site to place this thread. I have found there is a lot of ADD sites out there that have kids only concerned with finding and posting dr's who they finally found to give them a prescription. Again I ask to please not reply to me with the name of a doctor here in Gainesville. Gainesville is full of psychiatric groups, clinics, immediate care centers. Shands, and North central branch offs. Each of the groups or clinics have doctors and psychiatrist that treat multitudes of problems. I need help finding a new center that will help me with my ADHD. I was going to my old doctor for 8 years so I am lost and out of my medication. any help is much appreciated.

09-11-10, 01:23 PM
DUDE!! SMALL WORLD!! I lived in Gainesville, FL before moving to Texas four months ago.

You should go to Sarkis Family Psychiatry. They specialize in ADHD treatment and even conduct clinical studies for it. That's not naming a doctor per se, as several doctors and nurse practitioners are in that location. :)

09-11-10, 05:31 PM
Yeah I also used to go to Sarkis for about 3 months. They advertise "Sarkis Clinic Trails" all over town. I believe I had a nurse practitioner when I went. Needless to say it was not what I expected. It was a lot of long testing which was ridiculous because i've got the past 16 years of my records from at least 5 psychiatrist and 2 dr that clearly state I have severe ADHD. They didnt care. they have become non stimulant therapy. They gave me seroquel and Trileptil to treat my adhd. I tried it and it made me manic. that was the end of Sarkis clinics for me. Thank you though for getting back to me. Take care.

09-11-10, 08:00 PM
Odd... I got prescribed stimulants until I moved away from Gainesville. I didn't see Sarkis himself; I saw a psychiatrist who worked there. When did you go there?

And are you currently a student?

09-12-10, 07:58 PM
I live in Gainesville too :)

11-05-15, 02:12 PM
Old thread! Oh well! Im in the area, need help from here...

11-12-15, 07:09 PM
I go to Sarkis in Gainesville! Not the clinical trials though, the main office...They're a little pricey, but they're 10x better than Meridian...

Also, so ironic I decided to get on here after this post was resurrected.

07-03-17, 08:51 PM
Re-Resurrection ;)

I'm seeing a counselor at meridian. And I seen a dr who tried giving 100mg of Trazadone for sleep for adult adhd. So I went to a physiological doc who gave me Prozac, buspirone, and said take vitamins. I don't know if any is working on my issues. I see the counselor 1x a month the other 1x every 2 months. Either way I'm fortunate to have the woman I am married too in my life who gives up attempting to understand me and just is there in many ways for me. I'm just praying my kid don't have adhd!