View Full Version : Pregabalin or Lyrica

09-14-10, 07:19 AM
Any experience?

It's been prescribed for anxiety. I do know I slept well last night though i'm feeling woozy at the moment.
I'm also on melatonin at night.

09-16-10, 08:32 AM
Hi! I have used it several times, first for a problem of "restless leg syndrome" that I sometimes have in the warm season. I occasionally used it for anxious state and found it better than classic benzodiazepines; it makes me a little drowsy especially after eating (after lunch...) but taken in the morning I find it motivating and mood enhancing, making me in a feeling of "wanting things done" thus ideal for the morning add, while in the evening it makes me a little drowsy and stimulants are better. My idd problems are, indeed, very daytime-depending :)