View Full Version : Is the Therapy working ?

09-17-10, 06:51 AM
I have decided not to do any ADD medication and learn to treat my ADD in other ways.

Yesterday's therapy session proved to be quite a surprise. I went in feeling like I was headed for yet another fall and came out with a better view of what to do.

This lasted all day and was almost as good as the stratera (which I recently stopped). If this continues I may be able to actually be able to learn to control my ADD.

Although it is uncomfortable at times, I feel that it is working. She understands me now and is able to follow my rambles.

I plan on continuing seeing her once a week. My goal is to become drug free. Thus far I am no ADD meds and learning to live without my scheduled clonazepam. It is tough, but I feel it may be working.


12-10-10, 01:15 PM
How is it going still? I know I'm late, but I'm interested! The meds are frustrating to handle and I might just go to therapy only!