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09-23-10, 12:28 PM
So, after self-diagnosing ADHD years ago, about 6 months ago (I think) I was officially diagnosed by my primary care doc. I'm currently taking Concerta 27mg, and it works very well to treat ADHD symptoms.

I tend to be on the anxious side and can have moments (never more than a few hours or a day at a time) of feeling depressed. I'd say both anxiety and depression are mild, especially depression symptoms. The Concerta has definitely caused my anxiety to increase, and Xanax helps. However, I can only take that before bed b/c even .25 mg makes me very sleepy. Not to mention, while it relaxes me physically, it doesn't necessarily ease the unnecessary worrying going on in my brain. It's become a way of life so much that I almost didn't recognize it as being abnormal until recently when the physical symptoms of the worry and anxiety increased.

So, my doc prescribed Lexapro today. I have never taken any type of antidepressant and only recently started taking stimulant ADHD medication. So, I'm reluctant to start it, but the doctor seems to think it's just what I need for mild symptoms. Obviously I'm not opposed to taking medications, but I don't want to go overboard loading up on lots of different meds either.

I've been reading about others' experiences with Lexapro, but much of what I read is from folks who have been dealing with depression for years. I'd be taking it primarily for mild anxiety. Does this make sense, in your opinion? I don't want to feel numb or apathetic. My husband takes Lexapro for anxiety, and he's happier than I've ever seen him. It's been a lifesaver for him and our marriage. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

09-23-10, 12:42 PM
Lexapro IS indicated for anxiety, even in the absence of depression. Many report very good results with this medication, and it has pretty much the best side-effect profile (lowest probability of side effects, least severe, and often transient) of all the SSRIs.

If Lexapro doesn't work for you, I'd suggest Clonazepam (Klonopin). Unlike Xanax and other older benzo's, Clonazepam acts VERY slowly giving you a consistent feeling of calm, once it reaches stable levels in your bloodstream. For mild anxiety, 0.25mg twice daily (or maybe even just once) should be adequate. It also DOES help with the depression as well.

In answer to your bolded question, YES, your doctor's prescription makes sense. I assume he prescribed 10mg / day and not more? It is appropriate IMO. And like I said, if it doesn't work for you for whatever reason, you can try Clonazepam or Ativan.

Best of luck. :)

Disclaimer: I am a layperson, not a doctor. I take 15 mg/day Lexapro for depression and 1mg Klonopin for Generalised Anxiety Disorder. I have taken various combinations of depression/anxiety meds and these two are by far the best.

09-23-10, 03:11 PM

I have been taking celexa with my stims to help with some types of anxiety. I guess just ruminating ? I get in a negative feedback loop and the chain is tough to break alot of this seems to be my adhd symptoms though. More focused =less anxiety or problem based thinking. Anyways , is lexapro above and beyond better than celexa? What time is best to take it ? I've had problems sleeping on celexa, even when taking it in the morning. The trial period has been the issue, I keep making mistakes at work while trying to get consistent on this stuff but thats hard to do when I keep making errors. Any suggestions? I've been trying intuniv and although it's my first few days I find it highly sedating, much different than the mental stupor that I have had while getting used to celexa. Maybe lexapro would be different? Celexa did eliminate all physical anxiety on the plus side. Not sure which road to take.