View Full Version : The NEW ADHD Society ... just a bit of fun

09-24-10, 02:48 AM
(The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any persons living or dead, or the Internet monikers of same is entirely coincidental and unintentional)

A group of ADDers decide to create their own society, away from the NTs, and choose for themselves a desert island for this purpose. The first few days go well, however, food supplies start dwindling, and then the problems set in... the following is a transcript of the events that followed:

P: We need to get things in order here, structure our society.

D: Peri you sound like an NT. Are you an NT wannabe?

P: No, but I really think we ought to create a logically consistent philosophical system on which to base our future actions...

Abi: FASCISTS! FASCISTS! This society is FASCIST!!! I want to talk about politics, religion, and exciting sexual practices!!

(E is observed walking around intently, collecting pieces of wood.)

[/I]G: (producing a stack of thick books from her backpack) P, I think we should consult these textbooks to come up with a strategy for structuring our society.

P: (bringing out an even thicker stack of books)That's a great idea, G!

(G and P go off into a corner to consult their textbooks)

D: I think it's time to discuss the role of split right and left brain hemispheres in causing ADHD

K: I have studied Neurology and Psychology at some of the finest Institutions in the U.S., and I can inform you quite categorically and unambiguously that there is no sound repeatable empirical evidence to suggest...

D: Shut up, nerd. (pulls out a gun) I WANT TO TALK ABOUT BRAIN HEMISPHERES!

M: I'm too old for this. (faints)

F: What's that smell?

Ev: I think K just crapped himself.

(D shoots K in the head. K falls down dead)

(E has now got a bonfire going and is running around it while jumping up and down, and alternating between howling like a wolf and chanting in a strange, ancient-sounding language)
E: I am speaking to the spirits!!! I am conversing with the Goddess!! Awoooooooo...

D: (jumping up and down)Go Esh! Go Esh! Go Esh!

(P and G still in their corner, engrossed in their textbooks, oblivious to the chaos around them)

Abi: is anyone listening to me???

D: (jumping up and down)Go Abi! Go Abi! Go Abi.. (gun accidently goes off... bullet hits Abi in the chest... Abi falls to the ground and dies)

E: (sombrely) Go, Abi.
Go well, my friend. You are now floating around the firmament, with the spirits. We shall speak again soon.

[To be continued...]