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09-24-10, 02:39 PM
I have an meeting scheduled next week to go over testing results and am wondering what i should expect. My experience with this process has not been good so far so Im expecting more of the same. It feels like the teachers gang up on me, i get intimidated and dont know the correct argument. I think if I am more informed I will better be able to advocate for my son. So here is my story so far...
My son who is now in 6th grade, was diagnosed with adhd in third grade. We went through a long testing process that included weekly appointments to a child psychologist for months before he was diagnosed. In the report from the psych it mentions eligibility for an IEP under OHI classification. I was even more ignorant to what this meant then than i am now and just gave the school a copy and expected the right thing to be done. Skip to the second semester of 5th grade. My son continues to receive poor grades and has constant behavior issues.In talking to another parent I remember what the report said about an IEP and decide to request one. It was difficult to get anything done in the begining. Our info was referred to the school psych. When I finally reached her, after many failed attempts she said that nothing had been done so far because after speaking to the teachers they didnt see that there was a problem. I was almost livid. My son has d's and f's. Was spending at least a couple days a week in the principals office. Is on a behavior plan. is way below reading level etc....
So we finally got the ball rolling. They said the testing from 3rd grade was too old and they would have to re-test him. We had a meeting to discuss the need for testing and for me to sign consent forms. In this meeting his teacher was very short and hateful. Her response to everything was "he does fine when he takes his meds" she said that repeatedly. to which my response was "he takes his meds daily". By this time it was the end of the school year, so testing was scheduled for this school year.

A couple weeks into the summer a DHS worker visited us because someone had reported us for not giving our son his prescribed meds which is considered a form of neglect!!!! There is not a word for how that felt! I was fighting to get my son help at school and they are reporting me to dhs for neglect. Luckily the dhs worker was very friendly and that was over quickly.
So since that humuliating experience I think it is going to be very hard to face them again in this meeting. My son told me they took him out of class for an hour or two for testing. That doesnt seem extensive enough for all the big deal they made to me about it. His teachers are of course different teachers this year.
so just wondering what I should expect at this meeting? I have a feeling they are going to blow me off and insist that he doesnt need extra help. (he already has 2 d's this year).
And to be honest I am scared they are gonna ask me what I want as far as what type of help and I dont know the answer.
He is unorganized, loses assignments, doesnt bring things home or then doesnt take them back, doesnt pay attention in class, fidgets constantly, i cant get him to read to save my life....
Well if you have read this far I appreciate it because i think i have started to ramble. Any advice or shared experiences would be great!!
Thanks Melissa
Ps. he takes vyvanse 40mg