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09-30-10, 06:27 AM
Many a movie scenes show off heroines and heroes smoking cigarettes and appear godly. Many of the youngsters find it cool and amazing. But they do not realize the truth that follows smoking cigarettes. They seldom realize that cigarettes are eating away their bodies. Cigarettes steal away their chances of becoming good athletes because smoking causes short of breath and reduces stamina. Cigarettes also make them stinky and smell of tobacco.

The probability of Teenage smoking ( is high if their parents smoke. Some youngsters also feel that cigarettes make them look heroic, older and attractive. Some teenagers think that smoking helps them concentrate and remain stress free.

The chemicals in tobacco stimulate the brain and release natural sedatives which affect the personís mood. Tobacco is highly addictive especially in the form of smoke because it delivers high doses of nicotine directly to the brain. They get used to smoking at particular situations.

Smokers are tenfold more likely to get develop heart disease, lung disease, stroke or major heart attack. They are also more susceptible to develop diabetes. Smoking causes cancer of the throat, lungs and the mouth. Smoking also may lead to infertility. Smoking makes the probability of conception lesser for women smokers. It also reduces the sperm count in men. In case of smoking mothers, tobacco harms not only the mother but also the baby. Smoking also reduces blood circulation which may lead to gangrene or amputation of limbs in extreme cases.

It is extremely important that youngsters be properly educated about the harms of smoking before they fall prey to this silent killer.

08-15-12, 04:09 PM
You must understand that Marijuana is a lot worse.

Would it not be better if all the teenagers were mildly stimulated after break time instead of putting their heads down on their table?.

What do you think?.