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10-01-10, 10:09 PM
Ok folk.

I was tested some years ago and I was advised to go on a gluten free diet, problem is that gluten free food in Australia are way more expensive than general foods, so does anyone have any ideas, recipes etc???

If I eat a lot of bread I get pains in the stomach and thrush due to the yeast (which I was advised not to touch either) and I've found that I cannot eat anymore that 3 slices without getting sick, yellow and orange food colouring in large doses can make me very sick and irritable.

I want to follow this advice because for the month I went on this diet I felt better but being on disability I can't afford the shopping bill all the time.

Any recipes?? I think I mentioned this already??


10-01-10, 11:17 PM (

Has some great gluten free recipes

10-05-10, 11:35 AM
Gluten-free food is expensive if you're trying to eat the GF version of things that are typically made with gluten, like bread, pasta, or cookies. To make those things yourself, you have to get the special flour mixes and xantham gum (keep it in the freezer!), and recipes can get very complicated.

A GF diet can actually be very healthy and affordable. Stop thinking of bread and pasta as your starches, and use potatoes and rice instead. Change snacks from bread-y things to fruit or yoghurt. Cooking GF can be very simple (baking is trickier)--just remember to thicken sauces with corn starch (or do you say corn flour in Oz?) instead of regular flour, and stay away from soy sauce and other things with MSG (like most boullion cubes). If you have to be strict about keeping your diet gluten-free, just stay away from convenience foods, or else become an expert in label-reading.

We have some good friends here, and two of their children have celliac's disease. GF flours have to be either homemade (now they have a special mill thing, but they used to just use a coffee grinder) or sent in care packages. Breakfast is eggs or rice porridge. Snacks are dried fruit, yoghurt, and nuts. Meals are often rice or potatoes with stewed meat and salads. Roast chicken, steamed fish, salad with vinaigrette, chocolate mousse--none of those things have gluten in them.

I hope you find a maintainable, healthy diet soon. Bread is evil for you--stay away ;)

10-06-10, 01:54 AM
I know bread is

Thanks guys, I'll still sorting out some dietary stuff.


10-07-10, 06:38 AM
Hi there

There are some really good Gluten Free recipe books at the library. I am Gluten Intolerant and have found some really good books there. Also, have you heard of the "4 Ingredients" book? If I remember correctly, they have a new book that is Gluten Free. Don't look at the Gluten Free aisle at Woolies or Coles, they'll depress you with the selection and price (although it is ok for last resorts).

Being Gluten Intolerant is just a change in selection of food. If you don't mind Asian cooking, there are a lot of recipes that you can try that are naturally gluten free (just remember to buy gluten free soy sauce / sauces!). There are gluten free pastas and once, in an Asian grocer I found pasta made from rice. It was so cool! It was a lot lighter and not as heavy as traditional pasta.

Anyway I'm getting a little carried away... but what I'm saying is that urmmmmmm I forget now. But Gluten Free is relatively easy, except baking which can be a challenge... good luck!


10-07-10, 08:05 PM
Hi Selena, interesting that you are also making a go at the GF. You've gotten some good ideas that I also adhere to, as the GF alternatives are very expensive. I have found that I can just easily do without most of the items usually made with wheat flours, and unintentionally lost weight when I started, and it's cheaper too. I just eat more proteins and fruits and veggies. Two items I have found not too bad in price are corn pastas and rice tortillas and keep both on hand always.

Spaghetti squash for noodles
Rice and potatoes for starches
Corn chips to snack on
Corn tortillas for cheese crisps, burritos, other SW-style meals
Rice cakes and peanut butter/jelly
Simple small crockpot meals with a hunk of meat and toss in veggies and seasonings

Look up your favorite baking recipes online for GF versions, you'll be surprised what's out there and they can be more yummy. (I once made a GF carrot cake for a co-worker and no one knew - except they saw me eating it lol) And you can easily swap oat flour, rice, potato, etc flours for wheat flours in most sweet breads and cookie recipes. Hey, do you have a bread machine? I've been making a GF bread for my kiddo since he was just a toddler, he still asks for it. LMN if you'd like the data.

That's all I can brainstorm for now for ya....