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10-06-10, 10:10 PM
I've never been "normal" persay. And if I was it was only for a short amount of time. From birth to about 3rd grade I was a normal kid. Carefree and full of life. About fourth grade I started enjoying things less and less. By fifth grade I was diagnosed with depression and put on antidepressants pronto. I took antidepressants until around the seventh grade, when I was diagnosed with ADHD, and put on Ritalin pronto. I've been taking Ritalin ever since and now I'm in high school. My dosage hasn't been adjusted since I was diagnosed because my doctor moved somewhere. Now I'm feeling almost depressed but not. I'm not sad, I'm not happy, I'm not mad, I'm not anything. I just do schoolwork. I barely say anything at school. I never hang out with friends anymore. I rarely leave the house. I work and that's it. I'm pretty much a zombie. I find myself zoning out and staring at anything and everything and yet I still listen to and comprehend whatever it is that is going on. Anybody else like this?

10-07-10, 09:44 PM
This really isn't normal, have you talked with your parents?

Also, depression doesn't mean you're sad. Often people are restless, sleepless, numb, stop doing things they enjoy, tired, loss of energy.
It's definitely worth talking with your parents and doctor about.

How old are you?

10-07-10, 10:05 PM
hi shmittyrevo,


do you get your medication from your general practitioner/pediatrician and not a psychiatrist? is it possible for you to start seeing a psychiatrist if so?

i can't say what's going on...but it's *possible* that your dosage just needs adjustment (in fact, it might be too high if it's zoning you out).

10-19-10, 04:58 PM
I'm like you but I don't take medications - I'm a real zombie. I have no excuses, im just weird.
And above all I cant even concentrate in school, even schoolwork I barely do.