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10-07-10, 06:05 PM
I had a heck of a time finding a manufacturer of Adderall IR that worked for me. Corepharma made me sick as a dog, Barr BRAND was like eating pezz.. no affect. Sandoz has been the best, but the norepinephrine is too much. I'm wanting to try dexedrine.

I don't want to go through the heck of trying to get new scripts again to try what one works and what one doesn't.

From what I've read the Dex IR is shorter than Adderall IR. Does this mean you recommend Spansules? Or IR just dosed in shorter increments?

Are there preferences for Adderall with Dex over plain Dex?

Thanks everybody!

10-08-10, 01:41 AM
Had scripts for Adderall IR 60mg daily from my dr, who'll keep giving me that if I want it, no problem at all. I asked to try Dexedrine today, and was met with some strong resistance to say the least. What is that?! Well, after a nice but slightly heated verbal ping-pong game, she agreed I could try 1 week's worth of Dexedrine IR 5mg/3daily. Fine, I thought. I'll just go elsewhere if I find the effects smoother. But from reading many people not liking the Barr generic, (and from not liking the barr brand name adderall personally) I wanted the brand name. I called _every_ pharmacy, every single one in my state and no one has the brand, and only found 1 that would be willing to order it if it was more than 21 pills I was needing. I have no idea if this stuff will even work for me. But maahaan, that sucks. I can't believe I can't try it. They do still make the brand name, right? Bottom line is, all I can get is Barr. That's it.

Can I take this script out of state and fill it? Is that even allowed?

I really reeeally hate how uncomfortable it is to try to ask for these meds that have helped so many people live more "normal," "productive" lives. Don't know what to do with this script now.

10-13-10, 10:24 PM
I've been on the generic instant release and the trade name spansules and would recommend the spansules for sure. I had very mixed results with the Barr instant release Dex; sometimes it would work and sometimes it wouldn't. Sometimes it would last 6 hours and other times 45 minutes. Sometimes I would get a horrible crash, other times nothing. This was all at the same dose in the same few weeks so I just assume it had something to do with the way the generics are made...either that or the instant release formula didn't agree with me.

I've found the spansules to be consistent and reliable and much less harsh than the IR tabs, personally. However, everyone's different so you could easily have the exact opposite experience. As for getting them, my pharmacy just put the order in and had them the next day without any hassle or trouble. My pharmacy is a locally owned "mom and pop" type place though so that may be why it was so easy--maybe the box stores and chains have different rules about these things or something. As for leaving the state to get it filled, I have no idea. Your doctor would probably know something about that and you'd have to get a prescription specifically for the brand name in order to get them anyway so I'd go back and ask your doctor about it.

10-13-10, 10:35 PM
In the USA, Dexedrine IR (Instant Release tablets) ONLY comes as a generic from Teva/Barr. Brand Dexedrine IR is not available in the USA.

The Brand Dexedrine Spansules (capsules) are available in the USA.
It's made by GlaxoSmithKline. They're better than the Teva/Barr IR Dexedrine.

I prefer Sandoz generic Adderall IR. It's very smooth.
Maybe you should just try a lower dose.

I have tried the Teva/Barr Dexedrine IR and it was similar in my opinion to Teva/Barr Adderall IR.

10-14-10, 01:57 AM
Thanks to you both for your experiences and info. No wonder I couldn't find anyplace that had it or was willing to order it! It isn't even here!

Well StoicNate, I think I am going to stay on the Adderall IR (Sandoz). Dexedrine is the only one I haven't tried and I'm curious to see. But your experience with Adderial IR and Dex IR by Teva/Barr has officially closed the door on even trying 1. I'm definitely boycotting them and Corepharma with you. We are on the same page there. I actually take generic Ambien, filled a new script 2 days ago at Walgreens where I don't usually fill, and haven't had probs in the past.. but the last 2 nights have been like I didn't take any. Guess who the manufacturer was? Teva! MAN! I'm right behind you.

Went back to my dr today after an allergic to reaction to the first dose of trying Wellbutrin XL, and got a script for 7 days of Dex spansules at 15mg (brand by GlaxoSmithKline). I was able to easily find a pharmacy that had them. I'm looking forward to finding out how it makes me feel. But if it's a bummer, I'm glad I've got my yummy Sandoz. I'll keep this thread posted in case anybody wants to know!

10-14-10, 04:23 PM
I take dexedrine 15mg spansules, they work fine for me.

10-14-10, 04:54 PM
Welp, day 1 on the Dex spansules (brand, 15mg). I've read people's experiences here with Dexedrine but wanted to see how it affected me. They're making me feel tired. Also, they are quite subtle in affect compared to Adderall. I was expecting that, but I guess not to this degree. I think it's better than nothing in focussing.. but man, I think I'd be less tired.. or maybe subdued is the right word, with nothing. I'm not liking it, and the mental focus it did provide only lasted 3 hours! Stoicnate and I seem to have similar experiences with meds. You knew it was coming, but here it is: :) You were right. Back to my Adderall IR (Sandoz only). That is far and away the best med for my bod.

10-14-10, 04:59 PM
Oh, and slight headache. I never get headaches. It isn't bad, but because I never get headaches, I don't like that! Ick. Glad I only got a script for 7 days, but because of the cost of the brand, I wish I'd gotten a script for 1 day! Worth the try and experience though. Now I know!

10-14-10, 11:25 PM
I'm really happy that I steered you in the right direction.

It's sad that some people don't know that there are different kinds of generics for medication and Teva/Barr and CorePharma are some of the worst manufacturers.

10-15-10, 01:21 AM
I was going to buy Spansules, until the person told me they were over 300 dollars for a month's supply.

No, I cannot afford it. Barr is is, and Barr it can be only.