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10-09-10, 01:05 AM
Hello, these will mostly be simple rhymes composed into stories. Don't expect too much. :)
Burn (part 1)
Iím all alone
Thereís no one home
How did I get here?
It was probably my fear
Iíd end up being less than sincere
I wanted to give you a chance
But I couldnít risk doing that dance
Itís like a poison lance aimed straight at me destroying my plans
It seems like yesterday

You gave me love and I threw it away
Always the same cycle again
Started off great with a party and gin

Weíd stay up late becoming more than just friends
The next few weeks were the best of my life
I was seriously considering that Iíd make you my wife
My friends thought I was highÖ Kept asking me whyÖ
I said I canít explain it, I know now it was just the way I made it
Never would have thought how quickly that would have faded
Burn (part 2) -Edited for public view. I think Original is too graphic for anyone but me..
So what happened? Why'd it fall apart?
Lets take a look at the chart
We began to fight almost every night
My confidence faded
My paranoia invaded
You left because of the mess I created
But my feelings never faded
I argued that this is what fate is
Begged you to come back
Give it another crack
You did but what a waste of time
My inner side just wouldn't let you be mine
We fought again but this time it was the end
Burn (part 3)
Then I go blank
I empty my tank
No feeling
Not healing
Love wonít be stealing my mind next time
Or maybe it will I canít really see the drops on this roller coaster ride
My fear takes the spotlight and Love makes my heart run and hide
Iím nearing the end of this rhyme
Love may one day shine
For now itís as sour as a lime
Only sweet half the time
Till the day it shines I yearn
I donít know if this will return
To this day my heart continues to burn.