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10-11-10, 10:57 PM
I take Zolpidem 10mg to sleep at night. If I'm not in bed by the time the meds kick in, my mind will shut off (I remember nothing) but I will sometimes continue with what I was doing. Once, my sister and I were house-sitting, and I had my walk me to my room because the meds kicked in. I don't remember anything once I got into the room, but I plugged in my cell phone charger (I had to find it I knew it was behind the bed), then plugged in my cell phone and put it in a place where I wouldn't roll onto it. I also put my clothes NEATLY at the foot of the bed.
A few nights ago I sat up in bed, turned on my laptop, and went to a website I had used earlier for some homework. I remember having closed all browsers and turning it off before I went to sleep. When I woke up the next morning the laptop was in sleep mode and the browser window was on the spanish dictionary website I had used the night before. I had left the laptop on my bed. This doesn't disturb me, but it is curious. Is this something I should be worried about? Will I start getting up out of bed at night? I've read about people waking up and doing things like cooking or cleaning. I do wake up if I have to use the bathroom, so that's not a problem. I see the pill Dr next week, I am going to ask her, but I'd like some feedback. Thanks everyone, & please excuse any typos.

12-11-10, 01:19 PM
Lol its a bizarre drug zolpidem isn't it. I've only taken it once, I was already sleep deprived but was still restless so I got a 2 pills from a friend, popped them and went to bed. Once it kicked in I had full on hallucinations. I was staring at a periodic table poster on my wall and all the elements were turning into little monsters and the whole thing was 3 dimensional. I could manipulate the hallucinations by staring at it from different angles.

08-22-11, 08:48 AM
You need to be careful to keep yourself away from the internet in particular when you're on ambien.

My doc said that he had a patient once take it, and while asleep, order $5000 of exercise equipment online.

It pretty common, actually. When I take it, I don't sleep, but I get really, really, REALLY stoned.

08-22-11, 12:24 PM
Your laptop could have caught fire. Just thought I'd mention that.

03-08-12, 04:13 AM
Yeah i think the best idea is to do what I do, I take it when Im in bed, and watch TV for a little until I go to sleep. Because I heard of people going out or driving after they take it, so just wait until you are ready for bed, then take it in bed. Just to be safe.