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10-15-10, 11:25 PM
A few months ago I stopped taking adderall for good, which i had been taking for over 2 years so, and I came back to my old self again, which at that point felt really strange since I could barely remember feeling so great and worry free. Now I'm wondering, could all that adderall decrease my mentality? So I read a few forums, and they all said it was perfectly safe, which is a relief. However, I have one question; what about all the stress? I weighed around 78kg (scale said 160 pounds, so I'd say that translates fairly) on 50mg a day, 14 years old in 9th grade and I felt like ****. I was succumb to major depression, anxiety, and stress. I remember having some bad headaches due to stress, and every time 1 took the pills after a break, my memory of the previous month became vague. That could be because of the change in mentality, my personality changed significantly on adderall, but I don't know. So in conclusion, How can all the symptoms like depression and stress that meds like adderal give people affect their mentality?

10-16-10, 08:18 AM
Hmm ok, will have a go at explaining in my way, good luck

Your mind realeases chemicals/hormones that run your body systems, controls everything, heart, muscles, growth etc

You stub your toe, burn your hand, break a bone, that sends signals back to brain which responds with chemicals, to stop bleed, or oops heart attack.

meds rebalances/ups 1 chemical, but could thro others off causing other issues, it can be a contious trial to find what works for you, then maybe copeing mechanisms to deal with others ie councelling CBT ABT support etc

Your past experiences, your age as your going thro confusing changes/growing, school, identity, etc etc, hmm not an easy ride on your hands there young Skywalker!

The mind is a weird place, every expreince affets it good and bad, things that dont make sense can warp the old, or young grey matter. The ego part is the biggy, and has a massive say unfortunatley for most.

I use comendy, theres 2 doctors in the uk, called the amatuer transplants, they do songs that are v funny, puts things in perspective, tho their language can be a bit off.

Trooper Keith
10-16-10, 08:23 AM
I'm not sure I understand the question. Depression and stress can affect one's global outlook, but medications don't always or even often cause these things, and in fact for most people, the stimulants reduce depression and stress.

How are you defining "mentality"?

10-16-10, 08:37 AM
I am guessing, but it seems you are indicating you believe your experience with adderall created additional depression and anxiety??

You mentioned your memory becoming foggy after a break. I have found something similar, but for me it has be beneficial. I tend to ruminate over past events... adderall helps me to be a little more "present" in what is going on. Could this be a similar experience?? When on the meds you are more present in the now, and the reduced focus on the past creates a feeling of lost memory??

My experience has been that anxiety and depression are more of a side effect of my ADHD. Always worrying about saying/doing the wrong thing... bummed out over my ruminating over past hurts... feeling left out in social situations b/c I get a little lost in what all is going on...

10-20-10, 04:54 AM
meditation not only provides you mental peace but also improve your concentration level.

01-10-11, 01:56 PM
If I’m stressed, so I instantly go out for a short walk with my pet which sounds like simple but it works. You should definitely try it yourself.