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10-17-10, 09:26 AM
Ok here goes....

My daughter likes to chew things pencil ends, plastic toys e.t.c.....

I also used to do this as a child and had a DX of A.D.H.D, Ritalin made it worse but I also did it when unmedicated. I used to do it to relive jaw and head tension, I was never anxious when doing it and even did it by habit most of the time like a person does chewing their nails.

Now my daughter chews her nails, ends of pencils, plastic toys e.t.c....she even did this when unmedicated, it stopped when she was on dexamphetamine but it has come back quite badly on Ritalin she is also jaw clenching/teeth grinding.

Her vocal tics (mostly high pitched animal sounds) have come back again in FULL FORCE on the Ritalin but were almost non-existant when on Dexamphetamine. She has also started tongue clicking usually when she is trying to focus or when overstimulated/ overwhelmed usually in relation to something tactile (sensitivity) like when she pats the cat for instance.

I am wondering if I should ask the Paediatrician we see if it is possible to prescribe both Dexamphetamine and Ritalin in Instant Release or have her mainly on Ritalin for school hours which would mean 2 x 10mg tablets and have her on 1 x 5mg Dexamphetamine at home. In Australia we don't have mixture methylphenidate/amphetamine medications like Adderall all our paediatrician has recommended is Dexamphetamine, Ritalin and Strattera and possibly Risperidone. I will not have my daughter on Risperidone as my son has taken this before to combat aggression and had adverse side effects to it, my daughter is of a more sensitive constitution thatn her brother so Risperidone is out. Strattera I am not willing for her to try either, she has urinary trouble and I have read it's not wise for people with urinary issues to use it, she has nocturnal enuresis (night-time bedwetting).

Oh and she was suffering BAD headaches that effected her behaviour and focus on 3 x 10mg Ritalin IR per day about a week into it.....too high a dose for her?, each tablet only caused noticeable effects for around 2 hours...

What medication helps with Tourettes, A.D.H.D and aggression other than the antipsychotics and tranquilising like medications?

Cheers :)

10-21-10, 04:06 PM
hello the title u choosed to your subject attracted me as i already read some story that had same problem of tourettes .. i hope that this link will help you to find a solution for ur case too Good luck !

11-05-10, 07:24 PM
It sounds a lot like tourettes to me. I used to (still do sometimes, actually) chew on things to relieve jaw tension. If I'm stressed, excited or I drink coffee (sadly coffee+vyvanse is too much), I have to have something in my mouth to chew on or else I am constantly grinding them or clicking them in my usual rythm.

I have not taken anything for tourettes before, so unfortunately I don't have much advise in that respect. Vyvanse helps with focus, but if I stop taking it and start again, I tic pretty badly until my body gets used to it (around 3 weeks). You might want to consider welbutrin. It didn't do too much for me in terms of focus, but it didn't make my tics worse either.

As far as treating all three goes, I don't know of any medications that are very effective for all three of those symptoms. Maybe you could try whatever medication of choice for the ADHD, then something like kava kava for agression and the tics. When I'm having a really bad day tic-wise, the kava kava helps a lot.


11-18-10, 03:26 AM
wow, everything you said is exactly how i was when i was younger! Having tics is the most frustrating thing ever! I was put on ritalin at age 5 or 6 and it Made my tourettes so much worse i would punch the **** out of my head out of frustration, I was also put on another drug to slow down my tics, Im not sure what it was cos i was like 7 but it did work, So there are things out there that help it.