View Full Version : Ritalin and anxiety disorder

10-17-10, 01:53 PM

since 2005 i am having an anxiety disorder. I took Ritalin a several times but it was always a desaster. With low medication (5 mg at once) i was just extremly nervous but when i took more than 10 mg i got panic attacs.

Is this just imagination or can Ritalin really make such a problem? I also tried Strattera but it didnt work without any side effects. Are there any other opportunities?

Thanks for your answers

10-17-10, 02:55 PM
Maybe lower an even low dosage of Ritalin might help. Like half a 5mg tablet.
You might just be sensitive to medications.

10-18-10, 04:04 AM
Thank you very much for your reply. I'll try 2,5 mg now.

I'm also having problems with caffeine since i have this bloody anxiety disorder. In former days i used to drink liters of coke each day. If i drink just one liter today i would get huge panic attacs.