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10-19-10, 05:38 PM
My partner is bipolar 1 and ADHD and an alcoholic.
He wasnt diagnosed bipolar until after he was dx'd ADHD and stimulants sent him into nasty rapid cycle.
He's currently taking zeldox and has been for about 9 months.It works ok, but it's not great and he greatly struggles with fatigue on it.
I've been encouraging him to swap to something else, his Dr recommended lithium but my partner's worried that he'll put on too much weight on lithium.

I was wondering what side effects people have experienced on lithium, is weight gain common? Is there a particular medication that you have had success with and would recommend trying?

Thanks for your help

10-19-10, 06:49 PM
I too am afraid of the weight gain I have heard about when on Lithium.I take Abilify 30mgs.daily along with 60mgs.of Paxil,Xanax & Dexedrine.This combination has worked really well for me.The Abilify has made such a difference in my life & other people have commented on the change (for the better)in me.I have suffered my whole life with depression,bipolar ,severe panic attacks & ADD.Until I went on Abilify I didn't get any relief.

10-20-10, 12:13 PM
Hi Scooter,

In addition to weight gain, they -have- been cases of toxicity with lithium... tho' these cases are apparently rare and many lithium users swear by it.

I take Depakote and it does cause significant weight gain.

Tegretol I believe can cause weight gain too.

Not sure about Lamictal... tho' it does seem to be a popular choice amoung ADHDers with comorbid bipolar.