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10-20-10, 03:21 PM
I'm just trying meds again after a 20 year hiatus. I have inattentive type ADD with really low energy and lack of motivation. I started Concerta (18mg) and felt great- lots of motivation, no fogginess- but after a few days I stopped sleeping and was really shaky and having chest pains, so my doc switched me to Methylin. I started taking 5mg of Methylin, and it didn't do much except that I had a headache every day. I tried taking 7.5mg, which has basically the same result. I am more 'awake' but still not motivated, still have the 'fog', and it feels a lot less 'smooth' than Concerta felt. I tried explaining it to my husband in terms of quality- like 'well' vodka vs. Gray Goose or some premium vodka- you can tell the difference. The Methylin just feels more harsh.

Has anyone else experienced this? I am hypersensitive to most meds, which is why we are sticking with the low doses.

I am going back tomorrow to the doc. Not sure if I should keep playing with the Methylin, trying to adjust dose and timing, or switch back to Concerta and hope the effects wear off (or take every other day- anyone do that?), or ask to try Adderall or something else. My visits are expen$ive so I want to get the most out of each one, but I don't want to reject something that I might get used to and have a favorable result from.

Any comments or stories of similar and how you found the right med would be appreciated!

10-20-10, 07:44 PM
Sorry I don't have a similar story but if you responded well to concerta could it be you need something delayed release?

10-20-10, 07:51 PM
Methylin is a generic of Ritalin Instant Release.
It is known to be "harsh" and give more side effects than other Ritalin generics.

The good generics for Ritalin:
* Watson/Danbury methylphenidate (Walgreen Pharmacy)
* Sandoz methylphenidate (CVS Pharmacy)

BUT you have to tell the Pharmacist next time you get a script that you don't want Methylin and want one of the above stated generics instead.
You might have to special order it.

10-21-10, 01:02 AM

personally i've found that the brand and sandoz versions work best. i recall taking mallinckrodt methlyin once and i can't say if it's the fillers or what, but it was just not the same (and induced some unpleasant/unfortunate/unappreciated gastrointestinal...'difficulties').

i have an hmo with a low copay for brand medications. if you're in the same situation, my advice is to ask your doctor to write DAW (dispense as written) on your prescription so that you end up with brand medication. if that's not your situation...well...i think stoic nate had some useful advice:)

best wishes to you!

EDIT: oh, and i've not tried the watson version, but know someone who prefers it and has taken it for a considerable amount of time so trust his assessment:)

10-21-10, 09:18 AM
I use name brand ritalin with concerta . Works well. Expensive but it's the best.