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10-23-10, 08:03 AM
Hi, I am a 27 year old female diagnosed with adult ADHD inattentive. I currently do not have insurance and my doc prescribed me to 15 mg adderal IR 3x day. It is the Barr generic type and 6 days in I don't really like the way that it makes me feel.

I know for a fact that adderall XR 25 mg 1-2x a day works the best for me but since I don't have insurance my doc suggested the IR for the price.

The XR makes me feel energized and able to complete a lot of tasks and jump from one thing the other easily. These IR pills make me feel more withdrawn and some days I just want to sit and I feel really strange, and they don't make me more socially outgoing like the XR ones do. The IR seems to work well for just a little while and then leaves me with the feeling of ok when do I get to take my next one. Like I almost crave my next dose, and I don't like that.

So I guess my question is, does anyone know the best/cheapest way to obtain the feeling that the XR gives me, or should I just suck it up until I get insurance? Or should I search for a different generic brand?

Also, my doc mentioned that when I do get insurance she has a coupon for Vyvanse. I have never tried that before, is it similar to adderall or should I just stick to the adderall since I know that it works well for me?:confused:

10-23-10, 03:12 PM
Couple of things.

The xr at cvs for 30 pills retails in the ballpark of 150 bucks. My insurance company has a "price a medication" feature which is handy since I am on a high deductible plan and must pay the first 1500 each year. So for 60 pills you would be looking at about 300.

This is fresh in my head because my doc recently prescribed me 15mg xr 2x a day and the insurance company initially denied it (only wanted to pay for 30 pills not 60) until my doc called them. They probably do that by default to get rid of like 80 percent of those claims or something.

Anyway, the XR is probably just going to be out of reach until you get insurance.

With that being said, I have read over and over on here where people say the Sandoz IR works tons better than the Teva (Barr) IR.

I would recommend first calling around to local pharmacies to see if you can find one that stocks the Sandoz and get the next script filled there.

Of course I haven't experienced this first hand as I only have been on the XR. I would be curious to see how you make out with this as I may want to switch after the new year instead of paying the 300 /month until I reach my deductible.

10-23-10, 04:40 PM
I highly recommend trying Sandoz Adderall IR.
It's smooth in effect (little to none side effects).

Teva/Barr medications seem to give more side effects.