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10-24-10, 07:08 PM
I should be getting my iPhone tomorrow. Anyone have any good advice for apps that are helpful? I'm thinking mainly calendar, to-do lists, and project management. Is there something that does all this, or is it better to find good ones for each individual function. And what about syncing to your computer? For what it's worth, I also have a Mac, so I would be using iCal. Any other apps I should have?

I'm sure much of it is just trial and error, but I was wondering if any of the experts on life with ADD here had any good advice for me. Thanks!

10-25-10, 05:09 AM
I'm very happy with aTimeLogger (for tracking what I spend my time on) and HomeRoutine (for getting the house in some semblance of order). I sync iCal using mobileme so it's automatic - otherwise I'm pretty sure my calendars would never get synced (I seldom charge my phone via my MacBook, but through a charger instead).

I have a lot of other organizational apps, but I've found that using more than a few is really hard to keep up with. Something like AwesomeNote has several sections: diary, ideas, study, shopping, and to-do list (I should use that app more, it rocks).

I would suggest going through the productivity section of free apps and try out a few, see if there are any of them you particularly like, or for which you feel it's worth paying to upgrade from lite to regular.

Best of luck :-)

11-05-10, 04:23 AM
This is quite a late reply but hope it's useful:

My top apps for coping with ADHD are
Progressive alarm clock
Better Lists
Birthday light

Between them I am finally getting on top of my life! I use Reminders to remind me to do my routines every day (in HomeRoutine).

I also use the built in Calendar, manually setting reminders for everything.

Hope that helps!