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Written by yours Truly

Flood of Evil
Chapter One

A bright flash of light rips through the cool morning mountain air. Ripping trees from the ground as it widens sparking fire to the remnants of whatever trees are nearby. A deer bursts from cover sprinting away from the bright and deadly apparition. A large troll steps from the light into the forest valley sword drawn and ready its mutilated face sneering at the life around it. More trolls step up and out behind the first as it begins slashing at the plants around it destroying any in its reach. Armor creaking the trolls follow the first clearing more and more area around the portal.

A pair of portals rips through the sky higher up emitting a large flight of dragons their green red and blue scales reflecting the early morning sun as they survey the area they have entered. Watching the trolls do their destructive work below and the flood of trolls, men, elves, Wight’s, and others come from the ground portal.

The Dragons circle the valley watching for any possibility of detection from the mountains surrounding. And the Flood of Darkness had begun.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Nathan Rayburn had always loved to hike. These high Mountain passes were his old friends. Theses trails that passed through the mountains were known by every groove in his old boots. Climbing too the pass this morning whistling a tune happy for the three day weekend ahead of him from his job pumping diesel fuel at the Sapp Bros truck stop back in Cheyenne. Nathan was thinking of the peace he would find ahead of him. Camping come dusk in the valley on the other side of the pass. He would do a little fishing in the cold creek. And then fry some small fish over his campfire. It would still be in the fringes of late winter near the top. But a little cold was invigorating. Just as long as there was a patch bare of snow so he could set up his tent. Sugarloaf Peak rises on his right and Medicine Bow Peak on his left. Small lakes dot the valley between the two. From his vantage point he can see the other side of the pass already.

A worried look crosses his face as he sees a small plume of smoke drift from Sugarloaf. He pats his pocket to check on the cell phone he always carries on his trips. He liked leaving technology behind but a choice between being stranded with a broken leg and a little technology was not a hard choice.

Nathan watches the plume of smoke as it drifts across the view of the pass and begins to thicken. Realizing that there is really no chance that someone was just having a fire from wet wood Nathan flips out his phone and tries to dial the emergency line.

The phone drops from his hand at the sight of a large beast flying across the pass view. If he didn’t know better he would have said it was a dragon. While he loved dragons he knew the difference between fiction and reality. But damn what had that been! Nathan picks his phone back up and looks it over. He tries again to dial the number watching the pass and the plume of smoke thickening even more.

Judging from the size of the plume Nathan figured at the least 20 acres was burning. And from the speed of growth it would soon be well out of control. He didn’t think it had been that dry. Dry enough for a fire to grow that fast.

Nathan’s grip tightens on his phone as the beast he saw before flies across the pass again with a twin of a different color. There could be no doubt those were dragons. One red a dark red and one so blue it was almost black.

Nathan watches in awe as they twirl and dive while passing through the canyon. Small jets of flame erupt from there large jaws shooting at each other and the ground cover below setting it ablaze in into an instant inferno.

Nathan realizes that someone is talking into the other end of his phone.

“Hello…Emergency Services Hello?” asks a feminine voice.

“Uh……….Yes…I’m still here.” Nathan replies.

“How may I help you sir?” asks the lady.

“I would like to report some sort of fire in the Medicine Bow Pass. I’d say 5 alarms by the looks of things here”, Nathan says wondering to himself what a fire crew would do against dragons. “I’d say send the National Guard there going to be needed.”

“I will send someone up to have a look sir”. States the Lady with Emergency services obviously not believing a word he had said.

“Better make it quick if you want much of a National Forest left.” Nathan says and disconnects the call watching for the dragons to return to view.

Now he can see many smaller shapes spreading threw the pass working there way between flames. From this distance it could be people trying to escape the blaze but none of them were running which Nathan found mildly confusing. Or diving into the water to try and escape the flames.

Nathan turns from the fire and begins to make his way back down from the pass back the way he had come just shortly before. For some reason he had the rising urge to run. Run for his life as fast as he could.

* * * * * *
Fire Control Officer Zachary Naber gazes down at where the plains of Wyoming begin there rise into the Snowy Range. The Town of Centennial sprawls below him its streets quiet this early in the camping and fishing season. He returns his gaze forward watching for signs of smoke as he passes into the area of the Medicine Bow National Forest.

Zachary turns to his co-pilot “See anything out there Nichole?”

“Not yet boss”, she replies with a twist of a smile on her face. “I don’t see how there could be a fire anyways this has been one of the wettest springs on record.”

Zachary looks back over at Nichole, “I know but we have to follow up on all call’s you know that.” Nichole sighs and returns to watching out the window.

Zachary rolls the plane slightly to the left as they pass over one of the higher hills of the rising Snowies.

“Well no ****. Look at this Nichole”.

Nichole glances over out Zachary’s window and joins him looking at a massive plume of smoke rising from between Sugarloaf and Medicine Bow Peaks, each peak wreathed in dark black smoke.

“So the guy that called in wasn’t a crackpot after all”, Nichole says in awe watching the smoke.”

A blast of lighting rips from the smoke cloud. A bright red whorl of flame rises in between the peaks reaching for the smoke cloud above. A clear line of march is visible trailing down from the peaks several miles in an ever widening fan.

“If I didn’t know Wyoming geology any better I would swear that the peaks had gone volcanic.” Zachary whispers mainly to himself. “Get on the radio and call base. Tell them to call Colorado, Nebraska, Utah, Idaho anybody they can get. National Guard, Reserve. Jesus I don’t think we’ll stop this one short of it burning itself out and taking the western states with it.”

Nichole looks over at Zachary’s face and nearly panics at the fear she sees there. She picks up the radio.

“Fire One to base….Come in base this is Fire One we have a top of the line firestorm brewing out here. Zach has never seen anything like it. He says call everyone you can. Fire crews, Military, everything.”

“Fire One this is base you must be joking.” Says a deep voice filled with static.

“No joke Gerald this thing has gone nuts and is way out of control. It’s producing its own lightning Gerald.”

“No ****ing ****?” the line is filled with static for a moment. “Laramie crews are on there way already I’ll put it on the wire. Get the Governor on the line I suppose. I trust the two of you. You know the **** you would be in if you were pulling my leg.”

“I’d never pull your leg to this extent Gerald.” Nichole says with a small smile. “We’re coming down there is going to be ash up here like nothing pretty quick.”

“Okay see you at base Fire One…Base Out.”

Nichole hangs up the radio receiver and looks back out at the fire. The line of march had advanced nearly a mile and the stream from the gap is raging with ice melt from the glacial ice on the peaks.

Suddenly the plane lurches and is engulfed in shadow.

“**** what the **** was that!” Zachary yells looking out his window towards the back of the plane and all around trying to see what had hit the plane.

With an explosive roar a beast appears flying over the plane. A beast from fantasy and mythology.

“Oh my God Zachary is that a dragon?” Nichole says her voice cracking in near panic as she watches the beast fly towards the flaming peaks.

“It sure as hell looks like it we’re getting out of here whatever it is.” Zachary says as he tilts the plane into a full roll trying to make it turn faster. The plane blocks out the sight of the fire temporarily as it rolls around trying for an eastern bearing.

“Do we really want that thing behind us?” Nichole asks looking at Zachary’s face lost in trying to get more response from the small plane.

“As far as possible before it decides we are of interest.” Nathan says glancing out the window. “If it was going to attack us I think it would have done more when it passed the first time. But then again he may be looking for buddies we haven’t seen.”

“You think there might be more of them?” Nichole says the blood draining from here face.

“Well up until 30 seconds ago I thought they were fairy tales”, Nathan says a smirk on his face. “You want to chance it?”

“No”, Nichole says here face turning even whiter.

“Then let’s concentrate on getting the hell out of here alive.”

* * * * * * * * * * * *

A flash of light stabs through the night rotating slowly cutting grass as it opens. A dark shape steps forth and the rip closes quickly. The form looks around it at the occasional passing lights. To the south more stable lights light the horizon as if a small city of palaces. And to the left of that a bright red like a volcano lights the sky.

The form watches the patch of red for a long time. A deer like animal wanders up to it and snuggles its head at its hands, wandering off when it receives no response. Suddenly the form starts walking quickly its robes drifting in the wind behind it towards the city of lights to its south.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

“A dragon?” Zachary turns to Mr. Asay as he repeats the sentence for a third time. “I didn’t expect something like this from you. I know the fire up there is bad but a dragon?”

“I’m just telling you what we saw Mr. Asay. You believe it or not as you see fit.” Zachary replies tired of the lack of belief.

Mr. Asay leans forward on his desk. “It’s not a question of whether or not just I believe it and you know it. You filed this in your official report that goes all the way to the feds. None of the fire crews have seen a shimmer of this.”

“I saw what I saw, it is up there.” Zachary states, his irritation plain. “Nichole saw it as well.”

“I know this and am inclined to believe you saw something in the smoke up there. But a dragon Zach, did it have three heads? Maybe it was just the light on the smoke?” Mr. Asay stands as Zachary stands shaking his head.

“As I said Mr. Asay believe what you want, are we done?” Zachary steps away from his chair.

“Yes, just please rethink this I can not file this report and the feds are itching for it.” Mr. Asay says dropping the sheaf of papers on the desk.

“As you say” Zachary says stepping to the door and placing his hand on the knob. “We’ll all see if that thing decides to come down from there.”

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Evening always descended early on the small town of Centennial, Wyoming. A collection of houses really maybe 100 hundred people pressed up along side the Snowy Mountain range. Yet the last few days had brought nearly perpetual evening as the fire in the mountains burnt out of control.

Cars and trucks stand in front of nearly every building in town. Each filled to overflowing with worldly possessions. An evacuation order had been posted and with the dark clouds rolling over the mountains not many people were crazy enough to go against it. The fire line was quickly marching west and the clouds above the town had taken on a red tinge in the last few hours. People were finishing what packing they could do and soon a line would form leaving town headed toward Laramie, Wyoming. And no one needed to be told twice that it was serious.

Nathan is stands in front of the Centennial General Store having just gassed up his old Geo Metro, its glass reflecting the red glow of the approaching fire. His eyes are locked on that glow. No signs of the creatures he had seen in the Gap. Almost he could convince himself that the dragons had been hallucinations, almost but not quite. The memory was just still too fresh and he had never been prone to wanderings of the mind.

The sound of an airplane comes to his ears and he looks up to see a C-130 plane from the National Guard base in Cheyenne carrying a large bucket of water into the mountains. A long trip for water if it was coming from Curt Gowdy State Park as he suspected, but not many lakes dotted this little corner of Wyoming that were not up there in that burn area. The plane quickly disappears into the mountains. The sheer number of firefighters and military personnel that had gone up into those mountains attested to the size of the blaze that was ripping through those pristine mountains and valleys. The numbers were staggering. Nathan was no expert but he had seen the decals of fire crews from 8 states had gone through Centennial in just the last hour.

A high piercing scream rises into the smoke filled air and is quickly joined by others. Nathan turns and looks towards the mountains. His mouth falls open in shock. Hundreds of creatures that are clearly not human are pouring from the forested hillside on the west end of Main Street. Bodies that may human are joined to faces of birds, wolves, boars, lions, snakes; some of them standing nearly what must be ten feet tall. All of them are armed with an assortment of swords, axes, spears, and bows. Not to mention the number of them with evil looking teeth, and claws that must be able to rip a head off with a flick of a wrist.

Nathan feels a scream stick in his throat as a man comes out of his house carrying a box, his car already jammed with what must be nearly everything he owns. One of the creatures appears in front of him from around the corner of his house. The man drops the box with an audible smashing of glass and attempts to turn and run a scream ripping from his throat just before a sword from behind exits just above the Adams apple. Suddenly his head parts the rest of the way from his body as it tumbles to the ground. The creature, the head of a wolf on its shoulders, steps over the body and looks into the house taking a torch from another creature behind him, this one with the head of some strange goat and tosses it into the house.

Nathan shakes of the shock that had grabbed hold of him and dives for his car parked at the General Stores gas pumps. An arrow skitters across the ground in front of him as he rounds the car. He reaches for the handle of the driver’s side door his fingers barley wanting to work. He quickly fumbles the door open and climbs in behind the wheel, digging in his pocket for the keys. Another arrow skitters across the window and a loud thumb of bending metal comes from the rear of the car.

Nathan glances in his rear view mirror as he puts the keys in the ignition. All that Nathan can see is a large pair of boots standing on his trunk. He turns the keys and the car revs into life as the blade of an axe suddenly appears through his roof. Nathan shifts into drive and floors the gas pedal. The car squeals throwing gravel and dust as Nathan turns onto the small highway that serves as Centennial’s main street. Nathan sees the creature that was wearing the boots fall to the street its axe still stuck in the roof of his car. He shivers as he notices that this one had the face of some evil boar.

Nathan turns his eyes back to the highway as he leaves town his car quickly accelerating past the posted 55 speed limit. Comfort doesn’t come to Nathan until the needle on his speedometer buries itself past the 120 mark.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

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