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07-30-04, 11:10 PM
I know there are at least a few parents here who have kids with ADD. I just stumbled upon a book that is about an ADD kid. It doesn't specifically say he has ADD, but he sure sounds like he does. The back of the book says RL5 I guess that's supposed to be a 5th grade reading level? There are no pictures. Most of the chapters are short (2 - 4 pages).
If you're an ADD adult, you might enjoy it too.

There's a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom
by Louis Sachar

The story is about a boy who is failing in school, always getting in trouble and all the kids are scared of him & he has no friends. The kid has internalized this negative image of himself and he pretty much doesn't try to succeed in anything anymore. The new school counselor (who seems a bit ADD herself) takes him under her wing, and slowly the boy starts to change. Oh yeah, there's another boy too, but I'm not sure how he fits into this story (I haven't finished it yet ;)). The book has some nice psychological stuff built in --stuff that the counselor says that makes the boy (and the reader) re-think things, but it's not in-you-face with the psychological stuff's just part of the story.

From what I've read on Amazon, this author has written a other books about children that don't fit in/kids who aren't considered "normal" by their peers.

Has anyone read this book or read any of Sachar's other books?

07-30-04, 11:23 PM
Never read it, but I have heard it is good...

Instead I will introduce a different book I think would appeal to intelligent kids/teens with ADD.

A book Clam Jr. (10 year old boy with ADD like symptoms) likes is Ender's Game, by Orson Scott Card. There's no mention of ADD in it but it describes these genius children in the future who are being trained in a special Battle School to be commanders of the space fleet in the next alien war. It deals with a lot of bullying issues and captures a lot of the angst of the intelligent youngster surrounded by a world that won't let him alone to be what he wants to be. It's also highly "cool" in terms of zero-gravity laser battle rooms, virtual reality video games, bug-eyed aliens, and space fleet combat... :D

I think you might have to be about 12 or 14 to really be able to read the book and enjoy it properly. I read it to Clam Jr. the first time, and he is re-reading it on his own, but slowly.

07-31-04, 04:09 PM
Catcher in the Rye is a great teen one ...if Holden is not ADD, I'll eat my shoe.

Any of the Ramona series by Beverly Cleary would be good for younger elementary school kids.

08-01-04, 12:16 AM
I'm hoping that in a year or two I'll be able to list my own book here in this section. :D

08-01-04, 11:44 AM
Louis Sachar is an excellent writer -- I've read "Sideways Stories From Wayside School" and "Holes" (won the Newbery Award). The books are perfect for ADD kids (and adults!) -- the chapters are short, the characters are quirky, and the scenes jump around quickly from place to place. Wickedly funny, too.

Some other authors you should check out are Jerry Spinelli ("Maniac Magee") and Jack Gantos (The Joey Pigza series, which are all about a boy coping with his ADD).

I had to take a course in children's literature while I was in grad school, and I completely fell in love with the genre, especially the books written for 9 -12 year olds
(which I suppose speaks volumes about me, LOL)...the stories are funny, honest, and cut right to the emotional bone without a lot of unnecessary wordage...

08-01-04, 01:31 PM
Thanks for the suggestions. I truly can't remember Catcher in the Rye, although I remember having to read it in school. I'll have to re-read sometime of my own free will.

I work with students with autism & other neurologically-based developmental disabilities. We have several kids who go to regular ed classes for part of the school day. So I was looking for a book that might be a good starting point to discuss feelings, friendships, etc. Plus I like reading books for 9 - 12 year olds too! :p

08-01-04, 01:34 PM
The Chrysalids, by John Wyndham. Again, for a teenager or older kid.

12-20-04, 02:00 PM
I have read another book that totally discribed my son to a "T", and that is a book by Tony is called "No I wont, and you can't make me, But, i can be persuaded" it was an awesome book....i saw so many similarities to my son in this book.