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10-27-10, 01:56 AM
I have recently been diagnosed as having adhd by a psychologist who specializes in adhd. I am presently seeing a neuropsychiatrist as I have a long history of epilepsy and am classified as having an acquired brain injury courtesy of the operation I had to fix the epilepsy. This seems to change things quite a bit.
I have been forced to see a the neuropsychiatrist by my neurologist as since they know my psych problems go way back it has always been attributed to the epilepsy, and my innattention has been attributed to the sedative effects of the epilepsy medication.
Nowadays I don't have any seizures, take no meds for epilepsy and still have the same psych problems that my neurologist always thought was caused by seizure activity.
The specialists seem to be taking the Occam's razor approach diminishing all my problems to one nice neat little cause and I can't seem to get them to see the possibility of coexisting conditions.
My daughter has a diagnosis of adhd and she is such a carbon copy of me, I have seen what benefits she had gotten from medication and it taunts me to watch her get the help she needs while I struggle for recognition.

10-27-10, 03:38 AM
That must be very frustrating, can you get a second opinion from a dr that doesnt know you so intimately?