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10-27-10, 03:26 AM
I think the fact that many of us share traits that portray "personality disorders" is indicative of our feeling out of place throughout most of our lives. Especially for those of us who are adults, and have been looked down upon, ridiculed and seemingly given up on for being different, indifferent and lazy.
I myself display symptoms of npd, bpd and ppd. It seems that I have developed coping mechanisms for always feeling out of place.
I have experienced trauma. Many of us have. But I truly do believe that many of my personality quirks stem from my feeling of not "being normal" which has been an ever-present trait since my early childhood, long before my trauma, which I feel was self-inflicted because I did feel less than others.
It has been difficult for me to accept my ADD. I was diagnosed as a teenager, and had displayed obvious symptoms from early childhood. I was picked on, by both teachers and classmates. Since then I have denied that the diagnosis was ever a real thing, because I believed all of the misinformation I was handed, and was afraid of being medicated again.
My mother once tried to reach out to me by giving me a pamphlet about adult ADD. That happened around 5 years ago. Slowly it has made its way into my understanding of my own behavior and patterns.
I am 29 years old now and ready to accept that, yes, I am different. Yes, I have been affected. And, yes, I am a beautiful person. Just like you. :)
Let's delve a bit deeper into our situation here. We are fortunate to live in a time where our condition is becoming better understood all of the time.
Blessings to all of you. I am looking forward to sharing. Please stay in touch.