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10-28-10, 03:09 PM ( is a small site and online radio station which plays the latest new music and some oldies. Mostly Chart music with the occasional special for classical and some rock, blues and so on...

We are licenced to play anything from the last 50 years that was in the charts or in shops.

The idea is simple; I never retain information when I read so I made a radio station that has helpful information in the form of 60 second bulletins every few hours. With 2 hours of the latest music in-between. Also there are 3 minute random speakers such as Russell Barkley every now and again.

We are looking for people who would like to be involved, very much so if you have a proactive approach to Adhd.

Everyone is welcome to choose playlists, ask questions, and be on air...

PM me for more info. Please note that the site will not link to or contain paid for services under any circumstances. If you see any links which you feel should be removed please let me know.

Why not use the pop up player to listen whilst browsing Addforums!
We are eager to get as many people involved as possible to ensure the content is diverse and made by people who are affected by Adhd.

Itís a fun station with some factual boring bits.

11-09-10, 10:09 AM
Just received aproval from Jeff alan ( Adhd comedian ) to air his stand up familly friendly comedy! check youtube to watch some if you cant wait

big Thanks

12-06-10, 05:55 PM
We are looking for stories. Both inspiring and informative stories from Full families, or Adults who are affected with or by Adhd in their family, work, school and social life.

Very interested in
1: True account of success in the workplace and self employment.

2: Overcoming the problems of poor treatment and late diagnosis.

3: Before and after diagnosis and treatment with prescribed medication or alternatives such as cognitive training.

4: How Addforums has helped you or someone you know.

5: Adhd Professionals - Anyone working within the Adhd health sector for interviews over email and telephone.

6: Messages to let the listeners know that they are not alone and provide tips and moral building examples of positive results.

The information gained from speaking with you would be used to make a recording (using voice actors or yours if you are up for it) which will be played as part of our overall Adhd proactive and positive education Radio show on a daily basis in Random 60 second sections in-between Chart music and Scientific researchers and doctors (such as Russell Barkley). We are non commercial foundation and will in no way allow any business advertising on our site. However we would give full credit to yourselves and addforums. Including direct links and radio coverage if approved by Addforums admins to do so.

You always get final say on if we can use the content and it is used.

Our sincere thanks to anyone who is able to contribute.

Please note: I received permission to post this but if anyone feels it inappropriate please contact me ASAP and it will be removed or changed. You are welcome to contact me directly to check that we are legitimate. Our funding comes in way of free website and radio station from who are a charity that helps other charities involved in research or health support for Adhd.
If requires any assistance in raising funding or awareness healthymedia would be happy to assist in anyway.