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10-28-10, 03:21 PM
I had this question on my mind for a long time....
When I was a kid, I was almost the stereotypical Aspie: obsessed over astronomy & a TV show (changed every year, so my family will stop complaining and trying to make me quit), monotonous voice, poor non-verbal communication (as written in diagnoses made), talked only about obsessions & never about emotions and opinions, had a routine & rituals, was unware to the simplest social norms, & I couldn't care less about social status unless verbally and/or physically abused. I wasn't diagnosed as anything, because my behavior improved after a year of art therapy.

I grew out of those routines & rituals, learned to fake a polytonous voice, tried makind friends in the 4th grade, stopped talking about obsessions at age 15.

However, I still obsess after things, occationally forget that other are bored to death while talking about them, I still don't get WTH does people want from me and how should I act in order to befriend them, and HORRIBLE at face expressions (EQ test, scored 55, the lowest, because of my depression, poor time management, and having no idea what does those faces mean).
My IQ is about 130 (professional test when I was 14, at a very dark time of my life (My town was at risk of being damaged by Hamas rockets, my dad had cancer...).
My EQ(=EI, Emotional Quotient/Intelligence) is low (below 55, scientifically approved e-test).
My AQ(=Autism Quotient) is 36 (:eek:).
In the Aspie-Quiz, I scored 165 in the Aspie, & 38 in the NT.

My questions are:
1. Is severe AD/HD related to communicational issues?
2. Are severe AD/HDers more likely to have co-existing Asperger's or other ASD?
3. Are mild Aspies/PDD-NOSers more likely to have co-existing AD/HD?

Spikey 723
10-28-10, 03:30 PM
My ADHD doctor says 20% of people with adhd also have aspergers. I don't know if he's right.