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10-30-10, 06:16 PM
I am not the most physically active person. I have computer and internet which adds to the problem, and there's no way I am going without my computer and internet. Yes, I could limit use, but how?

I admit that I am lazy. I hate anything that is boring and makes me feel physically drained. I have done things in the past when motivated, though. My mom thought I would never learn my abc's until she came up with the idea of chocolate bars as a reward. And then I learned FAST! But how to motivate myself when it comes to exercise and not eating things that I know are bad for me.

Right now I know I could use a walk and to clean my apartment because it is a mess. And if you add 100+ extra pounds, then it is harder for me to move and I get tired fast. Being bipolar doesn't help, either. I know that increasing activity will help me be more energetic and be good for me mentally, but having ADD makes it hard for me to be consistent and stick to things.

On the bright side, I have only been drinking crystal light today which is only 5 calories per serving. I don't like plain water very much so I get my water intake that way and don't have the empty calories of soda pop and other sugary drinks. So atleast I am getting started and the sugar free drink mixes actually taste pretty good so that is a bonus.

Does it sound as if I am making excuses for myself or what? Is my main problem laziness and negative thinking? Would having a "can do attitude" work wonders for me?

I have struggled with weight for most of my life and I am 35 years old now. I feel older and feel bad physically a lot. I am too young to feel this way and although I know this, I still can't seem to stop eating and get myself motivated to do anything. When I am enjoying myself eating because I love the taste of food, I don't think about any of the negative consequences. I am very much into immediate gratification.

Right now atleast I am spending some time trying to analyze my eating problems and aversion to exercise. I am trying to figure out what is wrong and why I keep destroying my health.

Thanks in advance for any replies.

11-10-10, 09:51 AM
I have also struggled with weight most of my life. What got me to stop was something that doesn't happen to most people. I had extremely extensive surgery to remove all four of my wisdom teeth. I couldn't eat anything solid (not water or broth)for a week and it would be two weeks before I could eat chicken. My husband was dining on the foods I loved, and no matter how hard I tried to eat it, it wasn't worth the pain. Then I started thinking about the emotional pain I go through being heavy. Is all that fattening food worth it? For me the answer is no.

Getting healthy is most definitely a learning process that takes studying, trial, and error. The Eat This Not That books have helped me distinguish what is a LITTLE bit better for me when I go out to eat. They tell you which foods are the lesser of the two evils. Did you know that Twizzlers and Skittles have a lot of FAT in them and a Crunch bar is better for you? I didn't! I LOVE CRUNCH BARS!

It's going to take time, and slow changes. I would start by stretching in the morning and looking at calories when you buy packaged things. Get yourself acquainted with your grocery store so you feel comfortable in there. Buying, cooking, and eating food should all be a pleasant experience.

As for the overeating, keep yourself busy. List some things you can do if you are bored or stressed. Hopefully you'll remember the list. One of the things that might be on the list because it raises serotonin is exercise. Going for a walk mostly. But pay attention to the eat habits before incorporating exercise.