View Full Version : Maybe a systemic issue,deficiency or what?

11-03-10, 03:22 PM
I have always lived with some few strange things for my whole life, but the past few years they got more and more and some of them came up very suddenly and out of any reason.

So I may start to tell:

-ADHD and other neurodevelopmental and behavioural issues since early childhood, motoric clumsiness,mental changes, insidious loss of mental abilities to performance and lead a normal life

-skin- and photosensitivity of the fingers since childhood (wounds and bleeding under the fingernails every summer and sometimes also with doing tasks), fingers look a bit strange

-dental defects (three missing adult lower incisors)

-often missing periods since they have started at my early teens although there is no evidence for cysts in my ovaries.

-For some years now I have strange bouts of an unknown hormonal imbalance. They feel like hypoglycemic-,thyroid- or diabetic-like atacks with nausea,rapid heart beat,generalized physical weakness and sometimes also breathing issues and confusion.
I then lie in bed the whole day long and have to eat extreme amounts of food to don`t collapse and get it gradually better.

-periods with frequent panic attacks, sometimes with lightheadedness, they also get better with eating

- a mild sun allergy for some years now,hives which disappear again after some hours or a day and sometimes burning wounds from sunbathing, which make scars when healing...

Any medical experts here? :cool:

Thanks to you.. ;)

11-06-10, 07:46 AM
Does your doc know about these? maybe get treated there first/refered to specialist, but also extrat help goverment wise, money etc, also suport groups, others who have similar are somtimes best best way as they'v been there.

Some maybe a cause of/symtom of, others may not be. Stress anxiety can manifest in diferent ways, I found my breathing issue was stress, now don't have it. The cause might be something else and suprise you, sometimes help and suport can aleviate certain things.

11-06-10, 04:36 PM

i don`t have much stress in my life and the symptoms are related to eating ,when they occur they usually get better then.
but my blood sugar and thyroid was quite okey.

about my skin problem i haven`t talked to a doctor.

thank you for advice, maybe there are others who have the same.;)