View Full Version : Does it take anyone else 1 hr to eat one meal?

11-04-10, 08:18 PM
I don't have any body issues but I can't physically eat much.
It takes me so long to eat an average sized meal during the day.
Right now I'm struggling with a chicken wrap and I feel like I'm about throw up. So I'm basically taking a few bites every 5-10 minutes or so.
I've also become underweight but not enough to notice it. I'm trying to not lose anymore weight.

Please tell me I'm not alone.

11-06-10, 05:53 AM
Hello fractured

With me it is a bit different, I often eat more small to middle-sized meals over a day
I like eating and I eat quite normal, not too less.

For some years I also have gotten this disease, where I sometimes have to eat quite much because of sometims weird physical symptoms like cardiac arrhytmias,nausea,weakness or panic attacks.
It feels like blood sugar problems or thyroid or whatever but doctors couldn`t figure it out and told me it is all in my mind.
But I made the experience that eating (a lot) helps against it.

I have learnt to just cope with it and when I am not feeling very well I stay at home and I always have some snacks to eat with me when I go outdoors for a longer period.

I also have the luck that I don`t put on weight easily, I am on low normalweight since puberty, although I also like eating sweet things often.

But normally I care about healthy food, I eat a lot of fruit, vegetables ,rice,potatoes,noodles,asiatic and italien food,....but also chocolate. ;)

12-11-10, 11:33 AM
Since being on concerta for almost 6 weeks and losing 21 lbs in that time, I have noticed that it takes me like an hour to eat my lunch , which is just usually 1 cup of dry banana nut cheerios. Its so weird I used to eat so fast before my ADHD diagnoses and before being on concerta. So you are not alone!!

12-11-10, 03:12 PM
I eat that slowly now but it hasn't always been so. I have a lapband now. I have to eat slowly. What you describe is what I experience if I eat foods that get stuck easily or I don't chew enough. I mostly have to avoid bread and other starchy stuff. To keep my calorie count up I need to eat several little (very little) meals per day. The workaround trick is ice cream but those really aren't 'value add' calories.

The reason I mention all this is because there is a test that they can do for us folks with lapbands to see if we're blocked. It's called a barium swallow. You stand in front of an x-ray thingee and swallow this chalky stuff. You can see if the liquid is moving or blocked. It might be worth having a gastroenterologist take a look. It only takes a few minutes once you're in for the appointment.

12-11-10, 03:57 PM
When I was a kid in school I used to eat my lunch so slowly everyone was outside playing and the lights were turned off. Now I'm on medication I am finished before everyone else.

12-11-10, 04:09 PM
Depending on the food and my distraction level I can take that long or not finish at all. Lately I'm hungry more often than not because of it. It's not an appetite though, though and some stuff I still eat pretty quickly.

12-11-10, 11:44 PM
I am now on 51 minutes for this meal.

I've barely touched it.

I am not even medicated.

08-06-11, 12:05 AM
I went to the diner the other day, and I had just taken Add Xr 20mg about an hour or so before, and I had this weird craving for bacon!

I ordered bacon strips, and stole my friends coleslaw from his deluxe burger, and instead of eating, I sat there and started to make calculations about my school, the tuition, my weekly expenses, what I need to get for my apartment...and so on. I must've eaten like 2 of 10 strips in about an hour, and I just sat scribbling nonsense.

So yes, I eat, very very small bites, practically nothing, and when I do, my stomach hurts, and I'm incredibly full. So I just drink water, and move on.